Madrid Gastronomy Trip

I recently went to Madrid on a gastronomy trip.

As you know, Toni and I love eating at good restaurants. Some people like to spend their money on expensive cosmetics, designer clothes or fancy cars.

We like to travel, eat and drink.

madrid gastronomy

And that’s what we did in Madrid in January. We went to Madrid for four nights and we ate at four different Michelin star restaurants. If you’re a foodie then you will think that this is the dream trip. It was.

Some of the food was to die for. Some of the tasting menus I wished would never end, and some of the wine was the most unusual I’ve ever had.

And that’s why our new Destination of the Month for March is Madrid Gastronomy.

As you know, every month (okay, some months) I choose a place or a theme from my travels to tell you about.

So step into my shoes (high heeled boots on this occasion – we only had hand luggage and they had to go with everything), get ready for a one-hour flight from Palma to Madrid, and get ready to eat!

(I think that the following month’s theme had better be “sport in Mallorca”!)

This trip will take us to four of the best restaurants in Madrid. In fact, they are four of the best restaurants in Spain:

Punto MX – 1 Michelin Star:
The only Mexican restaurant in Spain with a Michelin star and my first time at a fine dining Mexican restaurant.

Read about my experience at Punto MX here.

Terraza del Casino – 2 Michelin Stars:
My second time at this restaurant eating the cuisine of Paco Roncero.

Read about my experience at Terraza del Casino here.

Club Allard – 2 Michelin Stars:
My second time at this restaurant but the first time since Maria Marte has been head chef.

Read here about Maria Marte and her climb to success.

Diverxo – 3 Michelin Stars:
This is the fourth time I am eating at Madrid’s most diverse restaurant with the cuisine of David Muñoz. But it’s my first time since they have relocated to bigger and better premises.

Read here about the menu we had at Diverxo: El Xow.

Read here about why this visit to Diverxo was my least favourite of four.

As well as eating at some of Spain’s finest fine dining restaurants I’ll also be sharing my other gastronomical love with you: cheese!

I’ll be showing you the best place to eat cheese and the best place to buy cheese.

So… I hope you’re hungry!

How about you? Have you been to Madrid? What’s the best restaurant for you?

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  1. Laura says:

    Great post! I visited Madrid not too long ago and went to a free walking tour with a company called Madride which also happened to have a tour where you could try different kinds of tapas and watch flamenco – of course you can’t compare that with Michelin star restaurants but it was good enough to me 😀

    • Lisa says:

      Indeed you cannot, but it sounds good all the same. I like discovering a city through its gastronomy, especially when there is a walking tour involved. I will check it out next time I’m in Madrid. Thanks for the recommendation.
      Thanks so much for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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