Marble Mountains [A Photo Story]

Have you heard of the Marble Mountains in Vietnam? They are easy to reach from Hoi An and are definitely worth a visit.

The Marble Mountains are five hills and each one is said to represent one of the five elements: earth, water, metal, wood and fire.

Marble Mountain, Hoi An

hoi an_marble mountain 15

hoi an_marble mountain 05

The villages at the bottom of the Marble Mountains specialise in carving, selling and shipping sculptures made from the marble.

The marble is no longer taken from the mountains, as recently they have banned the direct extraction from the rock itself. It seems the hacking was getting out of hand. Now they use marble from China instead.

marble mountains

Some of the marble sculptures

hoi an_marble mountain 19

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How to get to the Marble Mountains

From Hoi An, hire a driver to take you to the Marble Mountains. It is approximately 30 minutes drive from Hoi An and the driver will take you, wait for you and then take you back again.

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Many taxi drivers will approach you on the street, so it’s very easy to find one who is willing to take you. If you are staying a few days in Hoi An, try to use the same driver to take you to different places and that way you can barter a better price.

If you are unsure about negotiating with drivers, ask your hotel to arrange it for you. You might pay a little more, but it will be clear how much you are paying and how long you will stay at the Marble Mountains.

hoi an_marble mountain 13

hoi an_marble mountain 08

Visiting the Marble Mountains

This is an absolute must-visit. Make sure that you allow a good 2 hours to walk around the whole thing.

It is a long climb up to the top and even when you reach the top you are not exactly at the top and there are more summits! However the climb is well worth it and the views are spectacular.

hoi an_marble mountain 06

Setting off on the way up

hoi an_marble mountain 01

Inside the Marble Mountains are caves where huge Buddhist shrines and statues have been erected. It’s quite surreal and well worth a visit. This was one of my favourite days in Vietnam.

hoi an_marble mountain 03

The caves

hoi an_marble mountain 04

hoi an_marble mountain 12

hoi an_marble mountain 11

The highest of the Marble Mountains, and the most famous, is Thuy Son.

There are a number of natural caves to see on the way up this mountain, as well as the beautiful Xa Loi Pagoda, at the beginning of the walk.

hoi an marble mountain Xa Loi Pagoda

Xa Loi Pagoda

The views of the surrounding areas from the top of the Marble Mountains are quite spectacular.

hoi an_marble mountain 17hoi an_marble mountain 20

I would like to remind you that all the photos used on are my own unless otherwise stated.
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  1. susan sykes says:

    Fabulous sculptures I especially like the statue looking out of the hole in the cave

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