Marrakech Open-Top Bus Tour

The other day I was telling you about the open-top bus wars in Alcudia. Maybe not in Alcudia, but in big cities I think these tours can be really useful for getting your bearings, seeing the sights and getting to the attraction you want to visit in a comfortable way and without getting lost.

Speaking about the open-top buses in Alcudia made me think of one such useful tour when I was in Marrakech, Morocco.

So step into my shoes we are going back to February 2007…

marrakech open top bus


It was my first time in Marrakech and Toni and I had booked a last minute cheap package holiday for about a week.

It was our first proper day and we obviously wanted to go exploring the city, but we couldn’t find our way because our map showed our hotel on Avenue de France, when it was in fact on Mohammed VI Street! Strange, you think? Apparently not. Apparently in Morocco they tend to change the street names a lot whenever there is a change in leadership. Not the maps though; those they just update when they get round to it.

So we decided to get on the Marrakech Tour sightseeing bus… When we were able to find it.

I know that we see these buses in every city and they scream “TOURIST” but they are good value and they are informative and it was a good way for us to get our bearings without being pestered by people wanting to sell us things. And after all, I am a tourist.

Marrakech Tour Sightseeing Bus

So we bought a ticket that would last for 24 hours from the first time we used it and we climbed aboard and we went to the top deck to enjoy the sunshine, the sights and the commentary through the earphones in our own language.

There were two lines offered by the service. First we went on the Monumental Tour which took us around the city of Marrakech, explaining all the different historic buildings.

Then we went on the Romantic Tour which took us out of the city on winding, narrow lanes around the Palmerie, an area of Marrakech that is becoming increasingly desert-like, but which used to be the home of many palm trees. Over recent years, due to drought they have had many fires in this area, causing devastation to the palm plantations. There are currently projects in place to plant more trees and recuperate the earth before it completely turns to desert.

Open-top bus tour, Marrakech

La Palmerie devastation

Open-top bus tour, Marrakech

We spotted a few camels from the bus

Open-top bus tour, Marrakech

Did you know? Camels have three eyelids to shield their eyes from sandstorms.

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