How to Book a Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

While we were in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) we booked an organised tour to the Mekong Delta. Yes, that is as exotic as it sounds!

Here I’m going to tell you where and how we booked this tour and how much we paid.

Options for Mekong Delta Tours From Saigon:

From Saigon there are different options for taking a tour into the Mekong Delta, depending on what you want to do there, how much time you have and your budget.

Some people just have time for a one-day trip, which takes them normally to My Tho, right at the edge of the Mekong Delta. But if you have more time, you can go deeper into the Delta, visit a floating market and stay overnight in Can Tho, right in the heart of the delta.

We wanted to do an overnight stay so that we could go deeper into the Mekong and not spend the whole day on a bus.

Finding a Mekong Delta Tour in Saigon

There were millions of agencies in Saigon offering different tour packages to the Mekong Delta.

After spending a whole morning listening to similar quotes and itineraries we ended up booking with the one that was directly over the road from where we were staying in Saigon’s backpacker district.

My advice to you if you are booking a Mekong Delta tour is the following:

Once you have found an itinerary that you like, including everything you want, just book it with whatever agency offers you a fair deal. There is no point in trekking all over town trying to save yourself a couple of dollars. The agencies are all so similar that it really doesn’t matter which one you use.

What was included in our Mekong Delta Tour:

We paid less than 25€ a head for the whole Mekong Delta excursion. Here’s what was included:

· Bus to My Tho (about 3 hour drive from Saigon)
· Boat from My Tho to Ben Tre (about an hour’s boat ride)
· Fruit and tea snack with local dance demonstration
· River trip in typical rowing boat
· Visit to a place that made its own honey and liqueurs
· Visit to a place making “coconut candy”
· Ride on a horse-drawn cart
· Lunch
· Journey by boat back to My Tho
· Bus transfer to Can Tho (capital of Mekong Delta)
· Overnight stay in hotel (including breakfast the next morning)
· Boat trip to the floating market
· Visit to a place that made rice paper
· Visit to local farm and orchard
· Return coach to My Tho for lunch (not included) and then back to Saigon

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The only thing that was not included in our Mekong Delta tour was our evening meal. All other meals were included and we thought that the tour was excellent value. So all we had to do now was get up early the next morning and set off on our adventure…

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  1. James says:

    I did something similar to that tour last year and personally I wouldn’t recommend it. It felt like a tour for retirees, I wasn’t the only one felt like that either judging by the bored looks from all the other tour members. Loved the town of Can tho though and I reckon this tour you can easily do by yourself.

    • Lisa says:

      Ooops, sounds like you got on the old folks tour!! Personally I’m really glad that I did the tour; I think that I saw much more than I would have on my own. Having said that, I would not hesitate to put together my own itinerary for a future visit now that I have some idea of what to expect.
      Have you done a visit on your own? Or are you planning to?
      Further info about my experience of the tour can be found here:
      Thanks so much for your visit and you comment 🙂

  2. susan sykes says:

    Everything is so reasonable in price it would cost a fortune to have that trip in Europe

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