My First Impressions of Germany

Step into my winter boots and discover Germany…

I’m just in Cologne for the Christmas markets for a few days with Toni, my boyfriend. We just arrived from Mallorca.

It’s amazing how a place only two hours away can be 17 degrees colder! From the moment we stepped off the plane it was freezing. We knew it would be though so we brought plenty of winter woolly wear that we don’t normally get to wear in Mallorca.

Cologne in the snow

This is my very first visit to Germany so I have a few of those first impressions that always hit the traveller…

  1. Cologne looks like it belongs in a fairy tale! All the buildings look like they were made out of gingerbread like something from Hansel and Gretal! The city itself is absolutely beautiful and looks how I imagine someone from another continent to picture Europe.
  2. The people seem to be very trusting; there was no one to check our tickets on the train from the airport to the centre and it was the same when we visited the chocolate museum.
  3. The people don’t seem to notice the cold! They just wrap up warm and get on with it. They stand around the markets chatting, oblivious to the rain or snow falling around them. There’s no dithering or hopping from foot to foot like us!
  4. Big disappointment: in Cologne they don’t drink the strong beer for which Germany is famous! They drink week, tasteless lager called Kölsch and there is normally no other choice.
  5. Cabbage is served in some form or other with every single meal.

I’m sure I will have formed better impressions by the time I leave but these are the things that jump right out at me… take care while I have fun! Back soon with more things German.

In the meantime check out these five things that you must not miss in Cologne.

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