My Sri Lanka Itinerary

This post is about my EXACT itinerary in Sri Lanka including costs. This is exactly where we went and what we did. If you would like to read about how to (and how not to) BEGIN planning an itinerary around Sri Lanka, read here.

Here I will note which places we visited, how long we stayed there, where we ate and how much things cost over the three weeks that we spent in Sri Lanka.

All costs are for two people so if you’re planning a trip for just yourself you can half it for the food, transport and entrance fees. All costs are in Sri Lankan rupees at a rate of approx. 150rs = 1€ which was the rate we were getting during the trip.

My Sri Lanka itinerary

There’s no better way to travel in Sri Lanka than by train – unbelievably cheap too!


Day 1

  • 15:00 Land at Colombo Airport
  • Buy Dialog SIM card 1,300rs
  • Drive to Fort Station with Firdouse then back to house in Colombo arriving at 18:00.
  • Train tickets for Habarana 2nd class reserved seats 1,200rs.
  • Shower, change and go for a walk in Colombo.
  • Cakes from cake shop 300rs.
  • Accommodation 1 night through AirBnB 7,800rs.

Colombo to Habarana

Day 2 – Hurulu Eco Park

Day 3 – Visit to Sigiriya

  • Breakfast at 07:30
  • 08:15 picked up by tuk tuk to go to Sigiriya. 20 minute drive.
  • Return tuk tuk to Sigiriya 2,000rs.
  • Tickets to enter Sigiriya 8,400rs
  • 3 hrs exploring Sigiriya then walk to Pidurangala Rock about 30mins walk.
  • Tickets for Pidurangala 1,000rs
  • 2 hrs exploring Pidurangala and then walk back to town.
  • Lunch at Ahinsa Restaurant 1,050rs.
  • Bottled water 120rs.
  • Return to GH approx 16:30.
  • Dinner in town at small local place 650rs.
  • 2 Lion Strong from beer shop in Habarana 620rs.
  • Cost of GH 2,900/night w/breakfast.

Day 4 – Visit to Polonnaruwa

  • Breakfast at 07:30 at GH
  • Bus to Polonnaruwa at 09:30 (about 1 hour) 130rs.
  • Bicycle rent in Polonnaruwa 800rs.
  • Entrance to Polonnaruwa 7,000rs.
  • Visit to archeological museum then cycle around Polonnaruwa all day.
  • Drinks in Polonnaruwa 480rs.
  • Bus back to Habarana 16:00 120rs.
  • Snacks at Dudley’s Restaurant 570rs.
  • Walk around lake near GH.
  • Bottled water 100rs
  • Dinner at GH 800rs.
  • Cost of GH 2,900rs/night w/breakfast.

Habarana to Kandy

Day 5 – Visit to Dambulla

Day 6 – Poya Day in Kandy

Kandy to Adam’s Peak

Day 7 

Adam’s Peak to Haputale

Day 8 – Adam’s Peak

  • 02:00 alarm for walk to Adam’s Peak. Set off at 02:30.
  • Donation 40rs.
  • Water 180rs.
  • 04:50 Arrive at Adam’s Peak summit. Wait 1.5hrs for sunrise.
  • After sunrise walk back down to town.
  • 09:30 breakfast on balcony 380rs.
  • Pot of tea at hotel 250rs.
  • 11:30 bus from Dalhousie to Hatton Train Station 140rs.
  • 13:26 train from Hatton to Haputale 220rs.
  • Snacks on train 300rs.
  • Arrive in Haputale 16:30. Tuk tuk to Leisure Mount View GH.
  • Toni evening run, Lisa relax.
  • 19:00 Dinner curry buffet at GH 1,900rs.
  • Cost of GH 4,000rs w/breakfast.

Day 9 – Lipton’s Seat

Day 10 – Pattipola Walk

  • 07:45 Breakfast at GH
  • Walk into town for train to Pattipola at 10:25 50rs.
  • 11:40 Arrive in Pattipola.
  • Spend rest of day walking back to Haputale on tracks (23km).
  • Arrive in Haputale at 17:00.
  • 19:30 dinner at GH 1,900rs.
  • Cost of GH 4,000rs w/breakfast.

Haptuale to Ella

Day 11 

  • Breakfast and check-out of Leisure Mount View GH in Haputale
  • Tuk tuk to Haputale train station 100rs
  • 12:05 train to Ella. 100rs. Train delayed by 2 hours. Arrived in Ella at 15:00.
  • Check-in at Green Village Homestay.
  • Street food and then drinks at Chill Cafe 950rs.
  • Home cooked dinner at GH at 8pm 950rs.
  • water 100rs.
  • Cost of GH 2,500rs w/breakfast.

Day 12 – Ella

  • 07:30am breakfast at GH
  • Followed wikiloc walk to Little Adam’s Peak and Nine Arch Viaduct.
  • 12:15 coffee and juice at Art Umbrella Cafe 550rs.
  • Rest in room then bus to Rawana Waterfall 80rs return / 15 mins each way.
  • Corn on the cob and samosas 250rs.
  • Drinks at Chill Cafe 1,120rs.
  • Dinner at roti/kottu hut 1,030rs
  • Water 70rs
  • Cost of GH 2,500 rs w/breakfast.

Ella to Tangalle

Day 13

  • Breakfast at GH 07:30am and check out.
  • 08:40 bus Ella – Tangalle 400rs plus 100rs bribe for seat.
  • 13:00 arrive Tangalle and tuk tuk to Lonely Beach Resort 250rs.
  • Samosas 80rs.
  • Beer at Lonely Beach Resort 330rs.
  • walk in beach and sunbathe.
  • Water 370rs.
  • Dinner at Sha Sha beach shack 3,100rs.
  • Cost of cabana 2,500rs.

Day 14 – Tangalle

  • Got up at 8am and walked on beach all the way to Tangalle Harbour. Spent rest of day on beach.
  • Breakfast at Star Fish Cafe/Roti hut 1,320rs.
  • Enquired about different accommodation. Decided on Coppenrath for next night.
  • 2 ginger beers at Blue Horizon & 2 beers at Sha Sha 920rs.
  • Dinner at Sandy’s for fish BBQ 3,475rs
  • Water 150rs.
  • Cost of cabana 2,500rs.

Day 15 – Tuk tuk tour to Dikwela/Goyambokka

  • 08:00 Got up and checked out of Lonely Beach Resort.
  • 09:00 tuk tuk to Dikwela via Coppenrath GH to leave bags 2,500rs for 4hr trip.
  • Dikwela Big Buddha Temple 400rs.
  • Dikwela Blowhole 500rs.
  • Drinks Goyambokka Beach 350rs.
  • 13:00 Return to Tangalle and check in to Coppenrath GH.
  • Lunch at Coppenrath restaurant 1,500rs.
  • Rest of afternoon sunbathing.
  • Drinks 500rs.
  • Dinner at Ishara 3,410rs.
  • Cost of GH 3,500rs.

Day 16 – Tangalle Beach and Rekawa Beach at night time

  • Got up early and walked into Tangalle town centre for breakfast.
  • Short eats at Perlin Hotel 300rs
  • 1kg bananas in market 100rs
  • Samosas and water to take away 200rs
  • Spent rest of day relaxing by the beach at our GH.
  • Drinks during the afternoon at Coppenrath
  • Dinner of fresh fish at Coppenrath
  • 20:00 Return tuk tuk to Rekawa Beach inc wait time 1,400rs.
  • Entrance fee to see turtles 2,000rs.
  • Return to hotel 22:30.
  • Cost of GH 3,500rs.

Tangalle to Mirissa

Day 17 

  • 09:00 breakfast at Coppenrath 1,210rs and check out.
  • Tuk tuk to bus station 100rs
  • Bus of hell to Matara 120rs
  • Bus to Mirissa 60rs
  • 13:30 finally arrive in Mirissa
  • Search beach for accommodation and finally settle on brand new La Breeze Hotel.
  • Drinks at Sunshine Bar 200rs
  • Afternoon sunbathing by Reggae Bar. Drinks 200rs.
  • Dinner of fresh fish and cocktails at Sunshine Bar 4,300rs.
  • Cost of hotel 4000rs.

Day 18 – Whale watching in Mirissa

  • 06:15 pick up at hotel by tuk tuk for transfer to Mirissa Harbour
  • 07:00-14:00 Whale watching tour with Raja and the Whales 13,000rs.
  • Rotis and beer at Amasinghe 1,400rs.
  • Beach for a couple of hours
  • Dinner at Mirissa Eye of fresh tuna 2,500rs.
  • Cost of hotel 4,000rs.

Mirissa to Unawatuna

Day 19

  • Breakfast at Dewmini Roti Shop 1,250rs.
  • Check out of La Breeze and tuk tuk to Unawatuna 1,300rs.
  • Check in at Village Inn GH recommended by tuk tuk driver.
  • Spent rest of day on beach
  • 4 ginger beers 400rs.
  • Dinner at Jina’s Vegetarian Restaurant 2,900rs.
  • Ginger beer at Koko’s on the Beach 200rs.
  • Cost of GH 2,500rs.

Day 20 – Visit to Galle

  • 09:00 Checked out of awful Village Inn and went to next place behind Pink Elephant
  • Breakfast at Happy Spice 850rs.
  • Bus to Galle 36rs.
  • Walk around Galle Fort in baking heat – hottest day yet?
  • Fresh fruit juice at organic market 300rs.
  • Ice lolly for Toni 30rs.
  • Bus back to Unawatuna 40rs.
  • Drinks at Koha Surf Cafe 605rs.
  • Laundry 700rs.
  • Ginger beers on beach 200rs.
  • 17:00 Ayurvedic full treatment at Sanctuary Spa 9,000rs.
  • 19:30 Dinner at Mettha’s Home Cooked Meals 1,900rs.
  • Cocktails at Ishara on the beach 1,200rs.
  • Water 120rs
  • Cost of GH 3,500rs.

Day 21 – Unawatuna

  • Woke up at 06:30 to a blackout. Nothing open for breakfast. Found a place on main road for short eats 430rs.
  • Spent day at beach in Yellow Bar.
  • Water, 2 large beers, 1 veg noodles and 1 club sandwich 2,068rs.
  • Dinner at Tropical Lounge Chill out and Techno Bar with cocktails 2,840rs.
  • Cocktails at Ishara Beach Bar 1,100rs.
  • Cost of GH 3,500rs.

Day 22 

  • 08:30 breakfast at Baby’s Bistro 1,000rs.
  • Did check out at place with no name and moved to Navod GH.
  • Spent day on beach
  • water 130rs.
  • Lunch at Ishara 1,600rs.
  • Water 80rs.
  • Cocktails at Tropical Lounge 1,200rs.
  • Dinner at Happy Spice 1,600.
  • Cost of GH 4,000rs with check out at 9pm (1.5 days).

Day 23

  • Breakfast at Pawana Restaurant 490rs.
  • After gift shopping, spent day on beach.
  • 1 coffee & 3 ginger beers 400rs.
  • Dinner at Tropical Lounge with cocktails 2,770rs.
  • 21:30 taxi to airport 2hrs organised by GH 7,000rs.
  • Flight Emirates 02:55.

Money left over 160rs! Can’t believe how well we managed, having just 1€ left at the end!

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Well that was a full on trip your intinery was really informative and if we ever! go to Sri Lanka I will come back to this.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for your informative blog, we are going to Sri Lanka at the beginning of February 2017 for 3 months and will be doing Adams Peak in aid of Cancer Research (13th Feb) as my friend died recently aged 25 years after a 20 month battle. I have booked 13 places where we will be staying so very excited.

    Would love to hear from you

    Kind Regards Lisa

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and I’m glad you’ve found the blog useful. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend; that must have been devastating. What a brilliant idea though to climb Adam’s Peak for such a good cause. Not only that but you are going to love it too. Hope the plans are coming together well. Have a brilliant time.
      Lisa x

  3. Dolores says:

    Brilliant blog thanks for all the information. We go to Sri Lanka on Monday 9th of January. Can’t wait

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Dolores, I’m really glad you have found the blog useful. I guess you are already back home now after your trip? I hope you had a fantastic time in Sri Lanka. xx

  4. Brian Fisher says:

    Hi, that’s a proper informative itinerary! I am going in Feb for three weeks (Final week I am best man at wedding in Bentota). So I have two weeks to backpack. I may alter my plans as I was going to go from Kandy to Ella, Ella to Dalhousie, then Dalhousie to Bentota. But it seems if I finish in Ella I can get a transport to the south coast, rather going all the way back to Colombo.
    My current trip is Col – Hab (Lion Rock) Hab to Kan (via Caves) Kan (2 day jungle trek in Knuckles) Kan to Ella, Ella to Dal, Dal to Ben.
    So should go Kan to Dal and then Dal to Ella…?

    Great blog!

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Brian, thanks for the comment. Nice plan to combine your best man duties with a backpacking trip. Your itinerary sounds great to me, but yeah, I think it would be more logical to slot Dalhousie in before Ella, you’ll save yourself precious time. Your itinerary looks just the right length for the amount of time you have; you’ll have a fantastic time.
      Enjoy and thanks for reading,
      Lisa xx

      • Brian Fisher says:

        Thanks for the response Lisa!
        So now I’m going
        Colombo Hab Kan Dal Hap Ell and down to the coast!

        Lots of hikes and an overnight jungle trek through the Knuckles!
        Did you get there?


        • Lisa says:

          Brilliant! You are gonna have such a good time. No, I would have liked to go to Knuckles but couldn’t fit it in. It’s definitely on my list for the future, along with other places I missed. Hope all goes well with the wedding too!
          Lisa x

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