My Travels

I’m Lisa. I live in the Balearic Islands, on Mallorca. I’m originally from England and I have lived on Mallorca for ten years. There is still a lot for me to discover about this diverse and beautiful island and as I do, I will share those discoveries with you. Learn what I’ve discovered about Mallorca so far here.

Due to having a lot of free time I get to travel a lot for pleasure. Sometimes I’m backpacking and really roughing it in the cheapest and most down ‘n’ dirty hostels in the hub of some buzzing city in Europe or Asia…

Sometimes I’m swanning around with my most expensive luggage in 5-star hotels staying in the lap of luxury…

But I’m always going somewhere, I’ve always got plans… when it comes to planning where to go next I never say no!

My List

But why is it that whenever I go to a new place I end up with three places more on my ever-growing to do list? Does the same happen to you?

Here is the list that I created, when I started this blog, of all the places I would like to go in the future; some are quite specific and others more vague, and some I can already cross off, yay! The problem is that I am adding to the list quicker than I can cross things off it!

In no special order:

Backpack around Indonesia
Go on safari in Kenya
Visit Tanzania or similar to chill out after safari
Go back to Ibiza and take photos of the amazing sunset in San Antonio
Visit Prague
Go to South America (anywhere – preferably Argentina)
Return to Goa
Go to a “real” place in India
Spend far too much money at Christmas markets in Cologne
Eat at 41 Grados in Barcelona
Do Tai Chi in a Hong Kong park
Stay with a tribe (any kind, anywhere)
Learn German
Learn Japanese
Go on a photography holiday
Tour around Catalunya’s Priorat wine region
Go to a full moon party
Ride on a camel
Overcome my fear of cable cars
Visit the almost inaccessible and highly intriguing Bhutan