Where NOT to Eat in Yogyakarta

After such a bad dining experience during my stay, I thought I should just let you know where NOT to eat in Yogyakarta in case you really were thinking of visiting this fantastic city…

Ministry of Coffee in Yogyakarta

Okay, I know that just going here was going totally against what I believe when I travel: Never eat in a place recommended in Lonely Planet. But we were walking past, it looked nice, there was free wifi and it was raining cats and dogs so we just had to get off the street.

where not to eat in yogyakarta

Everything on the menu looked good

Even as we went through the door I had a bad feeling about paying western prices and eating western-style food in Indonesia. How could it possibly be good? Should we stay outside, get soaked and have delicious, fresh street food for about 50p?


We should have done that.

Once we got inside the cafe we were in a very nice surrounding: a large and airy place with character and with a high ceiling and balcony with seats upstairs.

Everything on the menu looked good too. And we were so hungry…

Terrible service at Ministry of Coffee

There was only one other table besides the four of us, and despite this, it still took 15 minutes for our drinks to arrive after we had ordered them.

We ordered gourmet burgers, which looked delicious when they finally arrived at the table.

Why this is ‘Where NOT to Eat in Yogyakarta’:

ministry of coffee yogyakarta

Why this place is Where NOT to eat in Yogyakarta

I was already a a few bites through my burger when I felt that awful stringy fibre in my mouth, and as I pulled the burger away from my mouth, a long black hair stretched out. Gross.

I felt sick to the stomach: the hair was cooked into the burger. I could pick the whole thing up by the hair!

The waitress was nowhere to be seen but I was furious. I stormed up to the bar taking the offending item with me and shouted into the kitchen until she appeared.

When she saw it she just shrugged and asked if I would like something else. I most certainly would not.

I told her that I was not eating this and that I had no intention of paying for it. I left still hungry.

Here is the review I wrote on Trip Advisor about my experience.

I really hope that when you go to Yogyakarta, or anywhere else in Indonesia, you are much more sensible than I was and that you avoid these tourist trap places that are supposed to make you feel like you are at home, but which in fact just disappoint you.

Why I don’t normally eat at places recommended in Lonely Planet

I’ve had so many disappointments myself with these kinds of ‘just like home’ places that I strongly advise travellers to stick to the local food in foreign countries and eat where the locals do. The guide books, especially Lonely Planet, tend to recommend places that make backpackers feel like they’re in a cool place.

As well as being the cheaper option and usually a novel dining experience, you know that at local places, your money isn’t just being ploughed into a chain or going straight to a foreign owner. Normally you are supporting a local family business and getting more for your money.

So please, don’t ever eat at the Ministry of Coffee in Yogyakarta.

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