On Safari in Mallorca

You didn’t realise that there was an opportunity to go on safari in Mallorca did you!

The Jeep Safari in Mallorca is a great opportunity to enjoy the stunning island from a totally different perspective. The tour is offered by No Frills Excursions and is so popular that it is booked up days in advance.

Our team went at the beginning of last season and what an adventure we had…

Jeep Safari Majorca Jeep Safari Majorca Jeep Safari Majorca

What is the Jeep Safari in Mallorca?

After getting quite lost we arrived in Mancor de la Vall, a beautiful mountain village in the heart of Mallorca where the jeeps are based. Don’t worry, with the normal excursion transport is provided from the hotel.

We were greeted by the friendly team and were introduced to the jeeps. There was a bit of a squabble about who would drive – yes, you can drive if you want.

“Go on mammy,” said Seamus nudging his mother forward.

We all looked at each other. Bridie had arrived from Ireland only the day before and was staying with her son for two weeks, so he’d brought her along to the outing.

“Ay alright then,” she agreed, much to my amazement. It’s true that they are from rural Ireland and are quite used to big off-road vehicles but she certainly wasn’t used to roaming around the mountains of Mallorca in the wrong side of the vehicle. Oh well.

I climbed in the back, thankful that I didn’t have to drive. Seamus got up beside me and his mother gingerly got into the driver’s seat.

The other jeeps around us filled up with our team members who climbed aboard with whoops of excitement. And we were off.

Jeep Safari Majorca Jeep Safari Majorca Jeep Safari Majorca

We drove in convoy along a good, wide track and everyone relaxed. Of course, that didn’t last long and as we climbed higher into the mountains the track became narrower and more rugged.

The views around us were spectacular and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was keeping my eye on the side of the road and the side of the jeep, I would have enjoyed them even more. Every two minutes Seamus’ mother would demand “am I alright on the left?” or “am I too close on the right?” We’d sometimes had to direct her this way or that, but generally she was doing just great.

Exotic animals on the Jeep Safari

A safari is not complete without exotic animals and we had our fair share of wild goat sightings. We also saw one of the treasured and scarce black vultures and, erm, that’s it! Well what did you expect? Elephants?

Sheer and scary

As we got deeper into the mountains the bends became tighter, the inclines became steeper and the sheer drop when I looked down over the side of the jeep became scarier.

Seamus’ mum did great and while others were getting stuck and having to be rescued, we slowly made progress over the rough terrain.

Up and down, over and around; every rock and pebble was felt by me and when I looked at my hands gripping tightly onto the bar, my knuckles were white.

Lunch time

When I jumped down off the jeep after we’d rolled up at the finca, I realised that I felt exhilarated and excited. I realised with surprise that I was enjoying myself.

jeep safari majorca

It was nice to stretch the legs and have a look around the beautiful isolated property there in the midst of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. And the views from there were just spectacular. We could see right over the bay of Pollensa and we could even make out Menorca.

There is a swimming pool at the finca too for those who wish to take a refreshing dip before lunch.

We were invited to pa amb oli and wine later at the base, but normally lunch is at the finca. There are picnic tables for those who wish to take their own food or there is an optional set menu for 12.50€.

Back Aboard the Jeep Safari

Then it was back to the jeeps. Bridie wanted to enjoy the views and Seamus fancied a turn at the wheel so they swapped, and once again my heart was in my mouth as another driver had to get used to the four-wheel drive and the rough tracks.

Seamus did a great job too and seemed to enjoy it much more than his mother had. Bridie was happy in the back enjoying the glorious sunshine and magnificent landscape.

The whole day was a brilliant adventure and everybody loved it.

How to Book Jeep Safari in Mallorca

Organising a tour on the Jeep Safari in Mallorca is quite easy; all you have to do is go to nofrills-excursions.com and follow the steps. Just remember that it gets full quickly so book in advance.

This has been the last post about Mallorca through the eyes of a tourist as part of our Destination of the Month theme and I hope that you have enjoyed it. There will still be plenty more Mallorca posts as I keep you updated with my life in general on the island. But as of tomorrow we will have a whole new Destination of the Month. We will be moving to a more exotic destination as of tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out where…

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