Our Guesthouse(s) in Ubud, Bali

And this is how you mess up an accommodation reservation in Ubud, Bali…

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Pano of Ubud’s rooftops from our (second) balcony

In my last post I finished by saying that we arrived in Ubud after a tedious four hour journey from Ketapang and were quite ready for a shower, beer, food and rest – probably in that order.

We hauled our ever-growing backpacks out of the boot our our tiny taxi and walked in the pouring rain down the narrow streets to a maze of guesthouses and properties, knowing that ours was nestled somewhere in amongst them…

About five minutes before we had been picked up in Yogyakarta to join our three-day volcano tour I had hurriedly booked somewhere cheap and central on booking.com so that we would have somewhere to go to when we arrived in Ubud and wouldn’t have to go trekking around the streets looking for rooms.

It turned out that in my hurry I had selected the wrong date…

Arjuna House I (and II)

We finally saw a homemade sign for Arjuna House. Yes! That was the place we’d booked. We wandered past a mini-shrine and through what appeared to be several inter-linked back gardens until we found someone. We were right down at the back of the property when we came across a lady who seemed very enthusiastic about us staying at her place; Arjuna House I.

“Yes but we have a reservation for Arjuna House II,” I said. That’s when she lost interest and pointed sulkily to another identical property. “Then you’ll need to go see my sister-in-law,” she said grudgingly.

Yeah well, we might be back in a minute, I thought. The reservation I had made was for the following night!

We tracked down the sister-in-law. It seemed that the whole maze of buildings and gardens belonged to the same family. But were run as separate businesses. And there didn’t seem to be much love lost between the two women. Whether that was for business reasons or personal reasons I have no idea, but they certainly didn’t seem to be best friends.

When I explained my mistake with the reservation to Mrs Arjuna House II, she shook her head. Fully booked for tonight.

Bear in mind that none of these conversations took only 2 or 3 minutes and that all the exchanges took place outside where it was raining cats and dogs and that I had three moody and tired Spanish people traipsing after me blaming me for cocking up the reservation.

We lugged ourselves back to Arjuna House I where sister-in-law number one was waiting with a triumphant look on her face.

She took us up a flight of steps to an outdoor corridor and led us to our first floor rooms.

These rooms were as basic as we had in Indonesia (outside the jungle) and were the cheapest too.

They were more than adequate though: big bed, loads of space and a huge private bathroom with a freezing shower. What more do you want for 150,000 rp (10€) per room with breakfast?

We didn’t quite fulfil our immediate dreams of satisfying shower, rest, food and beer, but we managed a version of it which certainly involved food and beer later when we went out to explore.

The next day, as per our reservation we moved the whole of 50m to Arjuna House II, where we paid 120,000€ per night for a practically identical room, identical breakfast and identically freezing shower. The added bonus here was a crazy American neighbour that woke everyone up at the crack of dawn bellowing out monologues and speeches that were either from a real film or a film in her head. It took me two days to realise she was speaking to herself!

Location of Arjuna House:

Our accommodation was centrally located in Ubud just off the main street where the market is but set far back enough from the main road not to be disturbed by noise (other than in-house ranting from crazy neighbour).

Location on map here.

How to book Arjuna House:

Well, you can book on booking.com as I did or you can find the property and ask for availability as I also did!

Things to do in Bali:

For more about Bali, click here.

What about you? What did you think of Bali and Ubud? Where did you stay? Did you get a deal so cheap and a shower so cold? Not been? Then are you thinking about going?

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  1. Shreyas says:


    I first contacted Tegal Sari (http://www.tripadvisor.in/TravelersChoice-Hotels-cBargain-g294225#1) but they were renovating so had only a few rooms available. I was really keen on staying there, looking at the reviews, but hard luck.

    I ended up staying at this really neat place called Ubud Bungalow – http://www.tripadvisor.in/TravelersChoice-Hotels-cBargain-g294225#24. Close to pretty much everything in Ubud (on Monkey Forest Road) and the management was super friendly.

    I have to say, their breakfast was incredible!

    I strongly recommend people check out the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Winners.

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Shreyas,
      The Ubud Bungalow looks like a great place to stay though. But I do think we were on rather different budgets! Would love to know more about your travels in Bali.
      PS, My local beach was a Travellers’ Choice Winner and was voted Spain’s best beach on Trip Advisor 🙂

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