A Boat Trip From Nowhere to Nowhere

I took a boat trip from nowhere to nowhere last week when I was in Palma de Mallorca!

I know that sounds very strange but it is very true! And what’s more, I had such a great time…

As you know, in the summer I work for a travel agency based in the north of Mallorca, organising tours for visitors to the island.

I mostly work in the office but twice a week I guide our excursions. So last week I was guiding our PalmaBus, which, as the name suggests, is a bus to Palma. During this tour the clients get four and a half hours free time in the city for shopping, sightseeing or whatever they want. This means that I also get that amount of free time,  which I normally spend in a quiet spot with internet, working, writing posts or editing photos.

However, last week I decided to take the Marco Polo boat tour around the port of Palma.

Palma Bay Boat Cruise

Palma Port Boat Tour

The boat trip lasts only one hour and leaves from the port of Palma every hour. It leaves from the end of the Born Boulevard (Passeig des Born).

While I was waiting it looked like the boat was not going to sail as they had no customers other than myself, but the friendly girl who was selling the tickets assured me that though it looked like there was no interest now, the moment the boat arrived, curious people would come to look and decide there and then to join the tour.

And right she was: the Mar y Sol II pulled in and started letting passengers off. The crew bantered jovially with each other and people appeared as if from nowhere and started buying tickets!

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It was nowhere near full to its capacity of 90 passengers plus crew, but it had a good 20 or so people onboard, which was a huge improvement on just me.

We set off at 2pm and started weaving in and out of Palma’s magnificent yachts in the marina. Of course, being a guide, I had seen these yachts many times, but never from such close quarters or from such an angle. Normally we drive straight past the boats on our sightseeing tour which is part of the PalmaBus excursion and see them from the coach. But now it felt like I was almost close enough to touch them.

The Costa Serena cruise ship was in the port of Palma and after leaving the yachts we approached the vast vessel, geting much closer to it than I would have imaged possible. My fellow passengers on the Marco Polo were gasping in delight as they took photo after photo of the attractive liner.

Palma Boat Cruise

Our tour took us all the way around to Dique del Oeste at the far end of the port, near Porto Pi and we could see San Carlos Castle, which, a few hours earlier I had been visiting with my own clients.

Then we circled back around to the other end of the port and had a stunning view of the cathedral before heading back to the starting point.

I had been on a one hour tour, and had been from nowhere to nowhere; just round in circles, but I felt exhilarated and surprised and felt as though I had seen something that I had never imagined.

“Sometimes it just takes a different view of the same thing to make us open our eyes.”

Anyway, it is clear why such a simple boat trip works: it’s fun, the crew is really friendly, and even if you are only visiting Palma City for the day, you still have time to do it without missing the other sights. I enjoyed it so much that now I recommend it to my clients when I am guiding. It costs 12€ which is not exactly cheap for just one hour, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.

For booking and information click here.

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  1. Encarna says:

    Hi Lisa!!!
    it seems that foreigner always make use of their time!!! well done!!!!hehehhe
    I think that tour would last longer…it is too short, isn’t it?anyway if you say it is worh it I trust you!
    Hope to see you this week Lisa. I miss you dear!

    • Lisa says:

      It’s worth it because many people don’t have much time in Palma. And they want to enjoy the port but don’t have all day, because they have to go shopping and visit the cathedral… and have tapas in La Lonja! You are very lucky, my dear, to have this wonderful city right on your doorstep x

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