So Many Great Places to Eat in Unawatuna

Hi friends and Happy New Year. I hope you are not too full after all those Christmas feasts because I’m going to talk about food and drink here too. For a change!

I already shared with you the BEST place to eat in Unawatuna but I had so many great meals there that I want to give you a few other recommendations too.

If you’re thinking about visiting Unawatuna and think it’s too touristy or isn’t authentic Sri Lanka, think again. There are so many great places to eat in Unawatuna.

Mettha’s Homecooked Meals

My best meal in Unawatuna and one of the best I had in Sri Lanka was at Mettha’s Homecooked Meals. This tiny place was charming and as close to homestay food as you can get without actually being in a homestay. I think that for me, the humbleness of the place added to the charm.

the best place to eat in unawatuna

You can read more about Mettha’s here.

Jina’s Vegetarian Restaurant

We ate at Jina’s our very first night in Unawatuna. It is recommended all over the internet but I was thinking it might be a little too “Lonely Planet” for us. Does that sound snobby? Or do you know what I mean?

Actually we really enjoyed Jina’s Vegetarian Restaurant. We had already been warned that the waiting time for food was beyond ridiculous so we went in relaxed mode, planning to spend a long time there. Actually the wait wasn’t bad at all.

They have a wide menu with different cultural options. We ordered two dishes off the Indian menu (the thali and the dosa masala) and both were mild and tasty. We also ordered their guacamole dish and their hummus dish as starters with dippers. These were good too but perhaps missing a punch.

We paid 2,900rs (19€) including a couple of their fancy fruit juices: carrot, pineapple and ginger juice and beetroot, pineapple and ginger juice.

places to eat in unawatuna

A cocktail on the beach is also a great end to the evening in Unawatuna

Tropical Lounge Bar & Restaurant

We walked past this place every day and the truth is, we hadn’t been able to stop ourselves from calling in for a cheeky cocktail. The first time we had the cocktails here we were shocked at how good they were. I don’t normally drink cocktails at backpacker places in Asia but these were good (and yes, I am aware that I have said that before when speaking about Sri Lanka).

The cocktails were amazing and the place was cosy and always busy. The food turned out to be very good too. we had devilled fish and devilled calamari the first time we ate here. Then, on our last evening before we went to the airport, we had our last kotthu and a last mojito here. It was a great way to finish our trip, and the kotthu was excellent.

If you aren’t familiar with Sri Lankan kotthu rotti, read here.

A word of warning about the service at Unawatuna’s Tropical Lounge Bar and Restaurant: think the slowest you’ve had and then double it. Service is so slow and the staff so dopey that they could have forgotten you or they could be out back having a sleep.

Happy Spice

Happy Spice, Uanawatuna 2016

Happy Breakfast at Happy Spice

Have you heard of Happy Spice in Unawatuna?

This is one hard-working family. I think every family member is involved in one way or another to help run Happy Spice. And does it need running? The place is absolute chaos. Though that could be chalked up to how busy it is. Which also means it is successful. Which in turn means that the food is good. The rice and curry was excellent and cost us just 1,600rs (10,30€) with water.

But we did have to wait for one hour after we sat down for our food to arrive. And it was a SAUNA in there. How the family worked in those conditions I can’t imagine. This is a place where you might or might not get a table because it is seriously busy. But they will do all they can to accommodate you. There’s an upstairs floor with tables as well so it isn’t as small as it looks.

If I’m not mistaken they do cooking classes here too, so if that’s something you would be interested in it would be worth looking into.

We first came across Happy Spice when we wanted breakfast early in the morning. There weren’t many places open and we wanted an early start to Galle. The place was empty then and much more relaxed. The homemade coconut rotti were excellent.

Where have you eaten in Unawatuna? Can you recommend any other places?

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