Prague at a Glance

I’m on my travels again! Step into my shoes and wrap up warm: we are off to Prague…

It’s my first time in Prague and already I’ve learnt a lot. I’m travelling with Toni, my boyfriend, and so far we’ve been in the city for just one day. We have wisely spent that day with a local guide, who is a friend of a Czech friend of ours who lives in Mallorca.

We have had the pleasure of Alex’s company for the whole day today and he’s taken us to see some of the famous sights. Here’s a little round-up in photos of where we’ve been today. There are more details to come about all these places. For now; enjoy!

Alex picked us up at our hotel first thing in the morning and took us by tram into the city centre.


Once in the centre he took us for a walk to see the beautiful architecture and famous Prague Orloj, the astronomical clock.

Prague Prague

After a stroll through the charming streets it was time to find a cafe to get a warm.


And then we crossed the famous Charles Bridge across to the other part of the city at the other side of the Vltava River.


Once at the other side of the river we trekked up the hill to the castle at the top.

Prague Castle

From the castle we had amazing views over the city.

View From Prague Castle

After taking a look at the Loreta Church it was time to discover the world-famous Czech beer.

Loreta Church, Prague

The beer was every bit as good as they say.

Prague Beer Tour

Unfortunately I can’t remember much after the beer, but I do know that my first impression of Prague was very good.

Stay tuned and you’ll find out what to do and see in Prague. Maybe you’ve been to Prague. What did you think? The comments are all yours.

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  1. Encarna says:

    It seems a beautiful and charming place Lisa! I want to go!!! Although Prague is in my travel’s top list I have never find the right moment to go!!hehehhehe
    kisses dear

    • Lisa says:

      Oh you have to go. It is a beautiful and historic city. It is well worth a visit and I would go back (in summer) :p

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