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Our new Destination of the Month is Madrid Gastronomy, and we are going to start in exactly the same place that I started on my last visit to Madrid: Restaurant Punto MX.

Punto MX is a Mexican restaurant with one Michelin star in the centre of Madrid. Click here for location.

This was the first time I had ever been to a Michelin star Mexican restaurant and here’s what I thought…

Punto MX 2015

About Punto MX in Madrid

The team at Punto MX is headed by three people with three very different roles, each one complimenting the other. They are:

  • Head Chef, Roberto Ruiz. He is the proud head chef and founder of the only Michelin star Mexican restaurant in Europe, and he uses local Spanish organic products to make his Mexican cuisine.
  • Mezcalier, Martin Eccius. He is for the Mexican restaurant what a sommelier is for a Spanish restaurant. He devises the mezcal cocktails and is in charge of choosing the different mezcals in Mexico and serving them in the restaurant in Madrid.
  • Manager, Maria Fernandez. She is the one who runs the restaurant and is responsible for a large part of the Mexican soul in Punto MX.

Punto MX is a relatively new restaurant which opened in 2012 and received its Michelin star in 2014.

The ingredients, other than those brought from Mexico, are grown in the organic garden belonging to the restaurant, especially for the purpose of supplying the restaurant. They are very proud of their own corn, which is used to make fresh Mexican tortillas every day.

Mezcal at Punto MX

Mezcal is a Mexican spirit which is used in the restaurant in cooking and in drinks. The mezcal used at Punto MX is sourced from small producers in Mexico that use sustainable techniques.

There are currently 30 different mezcals on offer at Punto MX, all sustainably produced and handmade.

My Experience at Punto MX

When we were shown into the small dining room at Punto MX, it was already busy and had a buzzing atmosphere.

The dining room was long and narrow; elegant and simple.

When we were given the menu, they might as well have given us the Chinese version for all we understood: most of the words were words we had never seen before and had no idea what they referred to. There was a Mexican-Spanish glossary on the table to help us decipher parts of the menu!

Despite this help we still did not know what to order.

Normally when Toni and I go to a restaurant for fine dining we order the tasting menu so that we can have the most complete experience and we get to try what the chef recommends. We normally have the wine-pairing too wherever possible.

At Punto MX there was no tasting menu, no wine and a menu with more words we didn’t understand than words we did. We were certainly in unfamiliar territory!

We decided to let the waiter choose for us. He was very patient and explained many things about this unfamiliar cuisine to us. And when he’d finished helping us, we had a very exciting plan. We were going to share about four small starters and one main course so that we could try more things.

One thing we did have very clear though was that we would like to try a cocktail made with the famous mezcal.

Punto MX 2015

My Mezaliña

Our mezcal cocktails at Punto MX

We started off our evening with one of the cocktails made with this mezcal distillate. Toni was really looking forward to trying the mezcal as he loves all those South American spirits like tequila and cachaça, and it’s true that it did have that kind of flavour.

I had a Mezcaliña, which was fruity and strong. It was served with a chilli on top, which I was supposed to crumble into the drink to give it extra bite.

Toni had the Pochutla, which was served with crudités and salt and had a refreshing cucumber flavour. To be honest, Toni’s cocktail was better than mine.

The presentation of both was excellent.

Punto MX 2015

Toni’s Pochutla

Table-made guacamole

The first thing we had ordered was the guacamole which we had read so much about in reviews of this restaurant. So we really fancied it.

The guacamole was made with fresh avocados, chilli and oil. How can I be sure? Because it was made at the table in front of my eyes. The waitress wheeled a trolley to our table and got to work. It was quite unnecessary to make it at the table but did give a nice variation to the service instead of just sticking a plate in front of us.

The guacamole was served with those homemade tortillas made from the home-grown corn that they are so proud of. And they were really good – a far cry from Doritos! The guacamole was very good too.

Punto MX 2015

Table-made guacamole

Shared Tacos

We shared several small taco dishes between us so that we were able to try more things. All the taco dishes were excellent and were served in pairs so that we could share easily. The only problem was they were too small. I wanted MORE!

The tacos were served exactly as shown in the photos below. We had to use our hands to fold up the tortilla base and take a good bite of the whole thing, getting all the flavours.

Cochinita pibil panuchos, Purple onion and habanero chilli X’nipek

What’s that? I hear you say.

Well, to simplify, it was the most sensational pulled pork taco with a crunchy red onion bite.

punto mx

Cochinita pibil panuchos. Purple onion and habanero chilli X’nipek. 16€

Red Almadraba tuna tacos, serrano chilli and true lime salsa

The tuna in the next taco was amazing. It was marinated in lime, and was full of exciting, intense flavours.

Punto MX 2015

Red Almadraba tuna tacos. Serrano chillis and true lime salsa. 22€

90-day aged bullock tacos northern style with salsa ranchera

Just like all the previous tacos, this one was bursting with flavour and delicious, high quality products.

Punto MX 2015

90-day aged bullock tacos northern style. Salsa ranchera. 28€

Glazed charbroiled sea bream. Chopped pineapple “pico de gallo”.

For our main course, we decided to share the sea bream.

Toni had fancied the tuetano, which is very fashionable in fine dining restaurants at the moment. Tuetano is bone marrow, and I just really did not fancy it. That’s why we went for the fish.

The tuetano is very popular at this restaurant, though, and we saw it being served to many tables. I definitely made the right choice in not ordering it as it was actually served inside a bone! I don’t think I could have stomached that.

Plus, when we went to Diverxo a few days later, one of the dishes had a bit of tuetano and I hated it.

The sea bream was excellent and was a huge piece. It was plenty for us to share. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the tacos though. If you go to Punto MX, make sure you get the tacos.

Punto MX – expensive

I found this restaurant to be the least value for money of the restaurants I ate at on this gastro-trip to Madrid. It was unusual, but over priced.

I have to say though, that the ingredients used were all of the highest quality, and this came through in the flavour.

I’d go again but not in a hurry.

What do you think? Have you eaten at Punto MX? Other great Mexican restaurants? Or can you recommend another fine dining restaurant in Madrid?

More about my fine dining in Madrid here.

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