Quick Escape to Las Caldas

I’m on my travels again! This time I’m in the north of Spain at Las Caldas, a beautiful spa village in Oviedo.

It’s cold but the sun is shining. The scenery is wonderful; real healthy green hills, colourful trees and flowing streams and rivers.

Las Caldas

Gran Hotel Las Caldas

The beauty doesn’t end there though. The Gran Hotel Las Caldas is one of the most luxurious places I’ve stayed.

As the village is so tiny, the hotel complex dominates the whole centre. There are two main buildings on opposite sides of the road with an elevated glass tunnel connecting them.

2012_11 nov gran htl las caldas (5)

The entire hotel complex oozed zen and tranquility, from the moment we walked inside. After the check-in, my boyfriend and I were taken across the road, via this glass bridge, to the 5 star building where our room was located. We were told to find bathrobes in the wardrobe and to wear them over our swimsuits around the vast hotel as we wandered from exclusive spa to exclusive spa.

The beautiful hotel was draughty and empty as we walked around, but that just made emerging into the warm water even more satisfying.

All to Ourselves

Even though we didn’t want to tear ourselves away from the luxury of the hotel and the spas we did explore the village a little. We found the local shop which was in fact a bar and we found the one other restaurant in the village. We walked as far as the golf course and we found the wine shop that we’d fancied checking out, which was closed for holidays.

That’s it! Apart from the sounds of flowing water, the tweeting of birds and the gorgeous landscape from the river to the castle, that was it. Complete peace and quiet! We were going to love it here!

las caldas, Oviedo

After a good look around the village and after completely freezing ourselves strolling by the river, we were ready to get back to the hotel and back to the sauna…


Getting to Las Caldas is a bit tricky; we had arrived by public bus from Oviedo centre after having taken the airport bus from Asturias Airport to the centre. The journey from the airport to the bus station in Oviedo took about 40 minutes and then we had to trek for 15 minutes through the city to the bus stop on another avenue to get the bus for Las Caldas.

I guess that sounds simple enough but on this avenue there were about six bus stops on each side of the road each displaying a general bus timetable for all the routes even though all the lines didn’t stop at all bus stops on the avenue!

We asked some helpful locals but they were as baffled as us! So we asked a bus driver and he said that he thought it was one of the stops on the other side of the road and right at the end. He thought!

As we boarded the bus for another 40 minute journey to Las Caldas I thought how if you didn’t speak Spanish this would have been a nightmare. I’ve seen less complicated bus timetables in tiny Japanese villages in the back of beyond written only in Japanese.

Anyway, you will understand how happy we were to walk through the door of one of the most beautiful hotels in the country to be told that we could go straight to the thermal waters if we wished. That’s exactly what we did!

I’m staying here for the next few days so when I can drag myself away from the spa I’ll be describing just how amazing it really is…

Have you ever had an experience where you just can’t make head nor tail of a bus timetable? Share your experience in the comments here…

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  1. Encarna says:

    Hi Lisa
    you never stop, always travelling(I’m green with envy!jejeje).
    It happened something similar to me in Galicia, In santiago de compostela. It was really a nightmare. there was not a bus timetable, on top of that, it was wet and rainy. Finally we could took the bus but then I could not understand the driver…he spoke gallego and I didnt unserstand him!!!
    kisses dear, come back soon i want to meet you

    • Lisa says:

      Haha what is it with northern Spain and the lack of public transport information?! I’ll be back soon but I’m going straight to England! Have to make the most of the free time before work starts! We’ll meet soon, I promise :*

  2. Encarna says:

    By the way, I have just realised that i did not answer your questions you made me on my blog.
    !.There is not kling shop in palma, but you can buy online.
    2. I think that stripes are flattering, but I prefer the vertical ones for jackets and blouses otherwise the hoizontals make you fatter.
    3. You should go to your dermatologist before buying all those products. He/she will have a look at your skin and can tell you what works for you better


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