Rip-off LBA

The first thing that you notice when you land at LBA (Leeds and Bradford airport) is how all they seem to want to do is extort money from you – well actually it’s the second thing you notice; the first thing you notice is the cold as you always find yourself walking against bitterly cold Yeadon winds from the aeroplane to the terminal.

Yes, any visitor’s first impression of Leeds is what a rip-off it is: the car park is so expensive that they even charge the minimum £2 fee just for dropping off! For the last few years I have seen people trudging through ice and snow down the main road, dragging baggage and kids along with them to get to the lay-by where family or friends illegally wait so that they don’t have to drive into the car park.

And after my last visit to Leeds when it cost my mum £7 in the car park for just half an hour, I have decided that on my next visit I will take the National Express airport bus which costs just £3.30, runs every half an hour and drops off in the city centre.

Rip-off LBA

On my last visit to Leeds last week, I was astounded by the lastest scheme to get our hard-earned cash out of our pockets before we had even got officially into the country: the queue for passport control upon entering the country has always been quite ridiculous at LBA but this time it was worse.

Rip-off LBAThere was an aisle with a solid queue that was hardly moving and an aisle with nobody in it. As I got closer I could see why: you had to pay a fast-track fee to go down the other aisle and straight through passport control! Instead of trying to improve the speed at which they check the passports and give visitors a better first impression, they are trying to charge us £3 each for fast-track entrance to the country!

And then they have the nerve to announce over the tannoy that they regret long waits but that this is due to a number of flights landing at the same time and could we all please wait patiently and refrain from using our mobile phones until we have passed border control!

It’s no wonder people get irate when they travel!

Have you had this rip-off sensation the moment you have landed in any country? Let us know in the comments.

You’ll be pleased to know that Leeds has many good points as well as its flaws. Read about them in this month’s Destination of the Month: Leeds.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    You are correct when you say it’s a rip off I haven’t seen the fast track yet, but I have queued for ages in the passport control queue. The car park is outrageous no-one objects to paying in the car park but at a reasonable fee and as you say no-one will pay £2.00 just to drop some-one off,which takes all of 5 mins. It’s not a good example to people coming into LBA from another country and they are getting ripped off.

  2. Bob says:

    I hate this idea that because people have to pay for something it is a ‘rip off’ Who is paying to get your bags off of the plane, paying for the air traffic control, the 24 hour fire station, scraping the ice and snow off the runway at 4am on a winter’s morning. All of this behind the scenes stuff needs paying for and if you really object to paying for it, use the free car park ! Otherwise, stop moaning

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Bob,
      Baggage handler are you? Bet you’ve had it rough with all this ridiculous weather.
      First of all thank you for your view and thank you for reading. As I always say, the comments on are there for anyone who wishes to share their view of the post or similar experiences. However, using MY comments section on MY blog to tell ME to stop posting MY views is a little out of order – just for future reference…
      Secondly, have you never heard of airport tax? You know, when you book a flight and you think you’ve got the final price and then you’re about to pay and another 30€ gets slapped on… The services that you have mentioned are paid by the airline and are incorporated into the fee that the airline pays for using the airport. The customer is then charged accordingly when they buy the flight, so please don’t try to tell us that the £2 fee at Leeds/Bradford airport, just to drive through the drop-off area, is paying for the firemen. And please don’t try to tell me that fast track border control is paying someone to scrap ice off the runway.
      Thirdly, I have no objection for paying for something. I have every objection to being ripped-off. Example: the car park at my local airport, Palma de Mallorca charges 10 cents for half an hour. So if I meet people off a plane I am not afraid of getting there early and going for a coffee and spending money in the airport cafes or businesses. I know that even with a delay I will spend less than a euro in the car park. At Leeds, on the other hand, knowing it will cost me about £7 for half an hour I can’t blame those who wait on the main road and don’t even enter. I wonder how the businesses in the arrivals hall of LBA are doing… you see the difference between paying for something and being ripped-off?
      And finally, there is a FREE car park at Leeds/Bradford airport???? 😮

    • toni says:

      Hi Bob. How does it work in UK? In Spain all the things you mention are included within the flight taxes paid by the passengers when they buy the ticket. The airport belongs to AENA (company that runs the airports) and they charge to all the flight companies for the different services offered such as fingers, take off, petrol, asistance…

      Also, I love when you say “stop moaning” as you are doing exactly the same. I dont think “moaning” is the right word, it is about to give an opinion about something, you might agree or not, but at the end is an opinion, and this is why we have the blogs: to express opinions and to chat, but not to say to somebody to stop moaning, to me that means you dont get how this works

  3. paramveer singh says:

    Ur so good at replying :p. It’s always difficult to fight with u 😉

    • Lisa says:

      Ah, then you shouldn’t try to fight with me Mr Singh! Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their view and all comments are welcome.

  4. Encarna says:

    i have just read this post and I understand why you got so angry!!! It is just unbeliable what happens in that airport!they pull your leg, there is not point on making pay you that fee in order not to queue!!
    kisses dear
    Im so happy you are back on your blog!

    • Lisa says:

      Shocking isn’t it – we complain about things here in the Balearics but we’re so lucky in many ways. At least here, prices tend to be fair. The problem is that many people in the UK are so used to being ripped-off that they don’t even notice it anymore!

      I’m glad to be back too, but I have so much catching up to do… I’m gonna start with the 10,000 spam comments I need to clear out!! 🙁

      Hope we get to meet up soon…

  5. toni says:

    Great post, and you are totally correct!Fine they charge for some things, but always being a fair and correct amount. At Leeds airport it seems that “its all about the money”. I understand that in order to get to your gate you pass the duty free shop “obligatory” because at the end an aiport is a businness, and the duty free shops pay a monthly rent so they have to make it worth for them, and as a sales technique I like it, then it is up to the client to by or not.

    But to charge 7€ for the parking or 3€ the priority for the passports is extorsionating!

    Interesting comment from Bob but as you say he forgets about the taxes charged in all the flights.

    Great post!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks so much for backing up my own opinions with your views… beautifully written comments Mr Click-Mallorca 🙂

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