Sa Llego Fun Run In Sa Pobla

Sa Llego fun run in Sa Pobla in Mallorca is quite a big sporting event on the island and it was my first ever competitive race (unless you count the 4 mile fun run when I was six – which my parents certainly do!).

Well, not that I was being competitive or racing. I just wanted to participate. Okay, that’s not entirely true: Toni wanted us to participate.

You see, Toni and I go running now. We are runners.

You know when you are out walking in the hills and you’re huffing and puffing and you see fit-looking runners dressed from head to toe in lycra, lightly jogging past you and you just think give me a break, will you?! Well that’s us now. We’re fit!

Well, we’re getting there…

Actually I really enjoy the running that we do along Mallorca’s rocky coast and up and over the hills. But I can’t say I don’t struggle.

Anyway, I didn’t mention the running on the blog before because I’ve only been at it for less than a year and I don’t want you to think I’m some sort of super-fit weirdo who doesn’t go out because they have to have an early night for the next morning’s run. Don’t worry, I still have a life. And soon I’ll be sharing with you some of the routes that we do in and around Alcudia.

Anyway, back to this weekend’s super marathon that I participated in…

Sa Llego was an 8km fun run and it was actually fun.

It was easy too, which probably made it more fun.

It was a bright and sunny Mallorcan afternoon as nearly 2,000 people lined up in the tiny streets of Sa Pobla to set off on Sa Llego 2015.

And there I was too, number 545, waiting to start and wondering what to expect.

Sa Llego

Me with my dish and potatoes!

It was 8km and it was flat. I knew I would have no problems with the run, but I was worried that running with so many people would make me go quicker and get tired. I would be gutted if I had to stop half way round because I couldn’t pace myself.

Anyway, all went well. I had Toni by my side and he kept our pace in check. We took our time and it took us 46 minutes from start to finish.

When we crossed the finish line I though we might get a certificate or something. But we didn’t. We did get a sack of potatoes and an earthenware dish each though, which, if you think about it, are much more useful! And original.

Anyway, if you’re around next January and you fancy a little jog with 2,000 people around the potato fields and the town, just head to Sa Pobla for Sa Llego.

More about Sa Pobla here

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Well done!!!! I think it’s great that you have taken to jogging, and you never know I may join you next January!!

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