Spotlight on Henry

Do you know Henry?

Henry is the most famous member of staff at No Frills Excursions and is in charge of public relations. He is an entertainer, he is a hard worker and he gets more cuddles from the clients than anyone else.

Henry is an elephant…

Henry No Frills Excursions Henry No Frills Excursions Elefant Henry loves this place at Sa Calobra Henry, Joan and our clients like to be in Sa Calobra.

As you know, this month’s Destination of the Month is Mallorca. But it’s Mallorca with a difference: through the eyes of a tourist, and more specifically, a tourist on a tour with No Frills Excursions, the company I work for.

How Henry came to work for No Frills Excursions

It was I who introduced Henry to No Frills Excursions three years ago. He was sitting in the main office on one not-so-special April morning and I was going to work in our Puerto Pollensa shop. I decided Henry could do with an outing and I took him with me.

He was an instant hit in Puerto Pollensa; all those people who wouldn’t give me the time of day the previous day and who I had lost hope of selling excursions to altogether were suddenly stopping to chat and cooing over the elephant in the corner, and I’m not just talking children!

The day that I took Henry with me to the shop in Puerto Pollensa I sold more excursion tickets than I had ever sold there before in one day. The next day I dragged him with me again; but this time he was wearing one of my No Frills Excursions t-shirts and he was on contract.


Henry, the guide’s assistant

All those co-workers who thought I had lost the plot walking around with a great big elephant under my arm soon started to want him for themselves, especially the guides. There were often arguments in the main office on a morning regarding who would have the pleasure of Henry’s company for the day.

When I didn’t have him in Pollensa, the people around me; holiday-makers and workers would be disappointed and would beg me to bring him the next day. The guides would fight over him saying that the clients loved him and that the tips at the end of the day were better if Henry had been on the coach.

And Henry started to spend less time selling and more time entertaining clients on the coach.

Presently he had his own Facebook page created and the fans just came flooding in. Clients who had been on excursions in Mallorca started writing about him on Trip Advisor. And people now ask if they can be on Henry’s coach during their excursion.

Everyone Loves Henry

As you know, I guide our Inca Market excursion every Thursday. When we stop at Unic, the leather shop, if I walk into the shop with Henry all the staff come rushing over – no, not to greet me; but to give Henry a cuddle. And if I don’t take him, they don’t even say hello to me, they just demand to know where Henry is!

When we do our excursion to the Caves of Drach, Mallorca’s largest caves, we make a stop at Majorica Pearl Factory in Manacor, and they love him so much there that they actually made a pearl bracelet for him to wear.

Palma Aquarium Palma Aquarium Palma Aquarium

It’s not just the suppliers that love Henry; the clients just cannot get enough of him. when there are children onboard the coach, the guide knows that Henry will be taken care of and loved all day long.

Adults love Henry too and many people who have been on excursions with Henry then follow his escapades in Mallorca through the Facebook page, and they actually interact with him, replying to his status updates and talking to him like an old friend that they miss.

Why is Henry such a hit?

I have no idea why or how I struck gold with Henry on that April morning and despite having debated over it and discussed it with my colleagues at No Frills Excursions we are still baffled three years later.

What we do know though is that Henry is a fantastic marketing tool; people seem to empathise with him and relate to him.

One of our guides asked a psychologist his opinion because he was so baffled by the amazing response that Henry was getting on excursions. This expert said that old people love to cuddle the elephant on the excursion coaches because it is something that they don’t get to do now and that it reminds them of their childhood.

Whatever the reasons for Henry’s popularity, we don’t care; we are just thrilled that he is part of the team as he is a great ice breaker, baby sitter and can always defuse any tense situation.

So next time you are on a tour in Mallorca with No Frills Excursions, make sure you look out for Henry. And if he is not on your coach, try not to be too disappointed because despite rumours to the contrary, THERE IS ONLY ONE HENRY!

Now you have met one of our team members, discover some of the great tours available in Mallorca…

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  1. Encarna says:

    I want to cuddle that elephant as well!!! There is no doubt that Henry is a hit on your excursion.
    I bet that Adam and Rania wwould love Henry!
    kisses dear

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