Sri Lanka Accommodation Review: Leisure Mount View, Haputale

By the time we got to Haputale we were ready to stay somewhere nice. Not that our previous accommodations in Sri Lanka hadn’t been nice. But Leisure Mount View in Haputale was really in another league.

Deciding where to stay in Haputale

As usual, we hadn’t booked anywhere in advance, preferring to make it up as we went along. The train from Hatton got into Haputale at around 16:30 and outside the station we found the usual crowd of tuk tuk drivers, touts and other random people.

We did have a list of potential places to stay from the research I’d done before we left Spain. But honestly, I think we already had our hearts set on Leisure Mount View… If the price was right.


The view from Leisure Mount View, Haputale

We were directed by the motley crew outside the station to the tuk tuk driver from Leisure Mount View and we asked if they had any vacancies. He made a quick call and confirmed that yes there were vacancies. Then quicker than you can say “how far is it in your three-wheeler auto-rickshaw?” we were hauled inside and found ourselves hurtling out of the station and up the hill into the clouds.

It turned out it wasn’t very far.

“Just look,” the tuk tuk driver was saying as he pulled up outside the main entrance. “No charge for tuk tuk. Leave your bags here.”


And a young woman appeared and we were whisked inside to see the property.

It was way better than anywhere we’d stayed and looked fairly new and modern. The girl was friendly and chatty as she showed us around. We looked at three rooms and, compared to places we’d been staying, they were spectacular. All I could think was this is going to be expensive! At least the fact that they had three rooms available might mean we could negotiate the price a bit, as it would be better for them to have a room occupied.

Turned out the girl was the owner, together with her brother. She said we could take any room we wish and she said it would be 4,500rs per night with breakfast. I couldn’t believe it was such good value for money, but it was still a little out of our budget. We negotiated 4,000rs (26€) per night and agreed to stay for two nights. We actually ended up staying for three nights because we loved Haputale.

After picking the room we wanted, our bags were brought to it and we were invited into the dining room for a pot of tea. Then Toni went for a run in the majestic hillside around the hotel for the last hour of daylight. I stayed on our balcony watching the amazing view and drinking tea.


Leisure Mount View Location

Leisure Mount View is not in the centre of Haputale; it’s up a hill just out of town (click for map).

Not that it’s far out; I mean it’s walkable. But after having spent the best part of the previous night hiking up (and down) Adam’s Peak, followed by getting on and off buses and trains all day and travelling right across the Hill Country, we were not in the mood to go trekking down to town to start finding food and looking around. As I’ve mentioned before: we aren’t getting any younger.

Dinner at Leisure Mount View

Lucky for us, the hotel offered a curry buffet every evening starting at 7pm. We got our names straight down on the booking list and we were there at 7pm sharp.

The curry buffet was one of the best we ate in Sri Lanka, and was apparently made by our hosts’ granny. And as you know, there’s nothing better than granny’s cooking.

In the usual Sri Lankan style, there were different curries dedicated to different vegetables. There was a potato dish, a yam dish, soya beans, green beans and plenty more, plus different rice options and homemade popadoms. We enjoyed the curry buffet at Leisure Mount View so much that we ate there every night. And every night it was slightly different. Granny must literally have spent the whole day preparing it.

Breakfast at Leisure Mount View


Breakfast was excellent. And it was included in the price.

Sometimes breakfast was a buffet and sometimes it was served at the table depending on how many guests they had.

Breakfast consisted of a huge pot of tea or coffee, tiny sweet bananas, eggs, all kinds of exotic fruits, and sometimes regular toast and sometimes hoppers. Delicious.

The Verdict

Stay here, you won’t be disappointed. Push the boat out and choose Leisure Mount View for your accommodation at Haputale. The brother and sister team (plus granny) do a great job and really deserve success. The tuk tuk guy is great too – I think he might be a cousin.

The rooms are bright and modern and peaceful.

The views from the property are spectacular.

The food is very good.

So just turn up at the station and start asking around. It really is that simple. I love this kind of travel. Don’t you?

Have you already been to Haputale? Or are you planning a Sri Lanka trip? Don’t forget to share in the comments.

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