Starting a blog…

I’m in Palma airport waiting for my flight off the Mediterranean island of Mallorca where I live. I’m only flying 45 minutes across to the mainland, to Girona with Toni, my boyfriend.

We are only going for a few days on our annual birthday trip so we have only hand luggage and we have already been through security.

We’re just having a coffee near the boarding gate. Toni is doing something on Twitter with his iPad and I am enjoying the relief that I am feeling after finally sorting out what I now refer to as the “Bloody Blog”! That’s this website by the way!

The flight is not going to board for at least 20 minutes and there are no Ryanair staff at the gate yet, but already there are people queuing and clamouring for a place near the front!

Me, I’m happy to sit there, drink my coffee and reflect on the “Bloody Blog”. I never thought I would be the sort of person to have their own blog. I mean, even though I visit hundreds of them every day I would have no idea how to actually make one! Or is it start one? Or design one? See, I don’t even know the correct term.

I knew that I would have to buy a domain… but I didn’t know where from! Where’s the domain shop in Palma? We don’t even have a Primark!

Toni painstakingly tried to explain it to me but my questions far outweighed his answers: “so who am I buying it from?” “And why does this website own all the other websites?” “Can’t it just be like when I open a new e-mail account and if the name is available it’s mine?”

Apparently I don’t get it! Toni’s patience was tested to the limit, and being Spanish, he managed five minutes before throwing his arms up in the air and proclaiming me useless.

That was when we’d got on to hosting: “Look,” he said. “It’s like you have a board with a name (that’s your domain which I’ve just explained to you) but there is no other information on the board, you need somewhere to keep your information all neat and tidy so your readers and you can find it easily…”

And then, at my blank look, “Oh, forget it; I’ll just do it for you!”

But he didn’t do it for me, he was so confident that I had the capacity to do it myself…

I look over at him now, tap-tap-tapping away on the iPad with a tiny frown creasing his forehead. Maybe he is reliving the same memories!

We had watched this video together about where and how to buy the domain, how to then get somewhere to host it, how to connect WordPress (because apparently I needed some sort of template too; where text can go, where my photos go, where the title goes, etc. ). Anyway, when Toni was convinced that I was ready to be let loose, I was set up with a computer, my credit card and the video that we had watched with instructions by Franck Scipion who is apparently quite renowned in the tech world but I think that either he is a complete liar or that I am completely stupid! To be fair, it is most likely the latter! Either way, none of it went the way he said!

After 20 minutes of messing about, I was quite proud of myself; I had bought a domain, I had bought hosting, I had connected it all with WordPress. I even had e-mail confirmations to prove it all and had taken a photo of the screen with my iPhone each time a new password was demanded. Wow! Proud, you bet! “Okay,” said Toni. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

I was now about to click on the final link that would fit all the pieces together and launch my own new website!

This was exciting stuff… Drum roll please… Click.

Nothing happened.

It took me to a page with one of those horrible Google messages: “sorry, this page could not be opened,” “sorry, this page does not exist,” “sorry, you are an idiot and you’ve made a big fat mess!”

Toni’s arms were gesturing dramatically and he was huffing and puffing in Mallorquin about me not having watched the video properly, not doing it right… I ended up on some live chat with Hostgator tech support, which went painfully like this:

Justin: Good afternoon, I am Justin, how may I help you today?
Lisa: Errr, hi Justin, erm, the website won’t work. I can’t get into it.
Justin: Do you mean the cpanel?
Lisa: Erm, yes? [Did I?]
Justin: Well, all you have to do is follow the steps; I’ll send you an e-mail. Try the domain search; have you connected the server links from WordPress?
Lisa: Errrr… Where will I find that?

This went on and painfully on, until Justin quit his job and jumped off the building where he had until that moment happily worked, and Toni took over the hot seat. He undid everything I had done, redid it all again and hey presto, we clicked the last link and it worked! He said indulgently: “There, you see you can do it; you have managed to get your own blog up and running. You should be very proud of yourself.” Yeah right, I thought. All I did was cock it up! Then he left me with the task of choosing a theme…

I groan now. I just realise I still haven’t done that exactly. I turn my thoughts to more positive aspects of my new blog… The content.

I think about how fitting it is that the first posts I make will be about Girona, a place where Toni and I go every year for our birthday treat. We love the restaurant Celler de Can Roca and our birthdays are both in the same month so we make a trip over to the beautiful city of Girona in Catalunya and as we both work in tourism and the tourist season just finishes around now, the trip kind of marks the end of work and the beginning of winter, or the beginning of our five months off before work starts again around Easter of the following year. So when we set off to Girona it is always knowing that this is the first of many fun travels throughout the winter. Basically, for us, the Girona trip is the beginning of the travel year!

I think about how I will actually write the blog. I always get a bit carried away when I think about this.

I think how I will post every day, how I will make a weekly structure: the week will start on a Sunday with “Spotlight Sunday” and this will be where I feature something, someone or some place that I have loved on my travels or that has helped me in some way…

Monday will be “Mallorca Monday”, I think to myself, where I write about what I’m up to right now either in Mallorca or wherever I happen to be.

Then I think about all the past travels that I would love so much to share and which can still serve as tips, pointers and anecdotes for anyone thinking of going there. So I come up with the idea that something in the “Mallorca Monday” post can remind me of something somewhere else and then propel me and my readers there in the next post.

Ooooh that can be “Travel Tuesday”! I’m on a roll now. I think that Wednesday can be “Where I am now Wednesday” to bring me back to the present and back to my current location…

And so my thoughts continue, my ideas getting grander and grander: “I can post at the same time every evening,” I think. “People will wait for my posts with a glass of wine in their hand having finished all the chores, eager to know where we will be propelled next in our journey…”

“Lisa, Lisa…. LISAAAA!”

I’m brought back to earth (just like in my blog, I muse) though with more of a bump! Toni is stuffing things into his bag as they are calling our flight. I find my passport, dig out my boarding pass, and stuff my little suitcase in the evil metal stand with a smug look on my face, showing the disappointed check-in staff that it just fits perfectly, and then we board the plane and we’re off…

We’re embarking on a new adventure

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Brilliant I can’t wait to get to Girona……

  2. Encarna says:

    Happy tusday!
    Im going to start reading all your post from the very beginning Lisa!

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