Strange German Restaurants

Eating in Germany, or at least in Cologne, is a strange affair sometimes. As Cologne is our Destination of the Month right now, I thought I’d mention a very popular and typical restaurant there…

It’s called Fruh. Actually, because it’s near the cathedral, it’s called Fruh Am Dom.


Fruh Restaurant is a weird place for a foreigner! First of all, it’s huge. Enormous. In fact I have never seen a restaurant as big; there’s room after huge room. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger you realise there is another floor! And it’s busy. Packed to the rafters.

On entering you are greeted with the warmth and pleasant atmosphere of a German pub. But that’s the only greeting you’ll receive – don’t expect the staff to be falling over themselves to attend you. You walk through the rooms and find yourself a table anywhere you can and anywhere you want.

The menus are in German and English and they are already on the tables.

Kölsch at Fruh Restaurant

The waiter will come to the table to take your order – eventually. He will also walk around with a massive beer stacker full of 20cl glasses of the local kölsch (light draught lager) and unless you specify otherwise, this is what you are getting to drink. When you have drank your beer (and it’s gone in a few gulps) the waiter will see that you have finished next time he is passing with the crate and he will exchange your empty glass for a full one making a note on your beer mat. If you don’t want more you put the beer mat on top of your glass.

Food in Fruh Food in Fruh

Food at Fruh Restaurant

The food is typical German food – hearty meat which tastes good, served with massive portions of sauerkraut or some other version of cabbage and mashed potato.

They don’t pay much attention to presentation here and meals generally look like they have been slopped onto the plate. Tastes good though.

Don’t expect the dishes for the whole table to arrive at the same time at the table; they haven’t mastered that, they just come when the kitchen is ready to send them.

The prices are reasonable though the Kölsch is expensive, like everywhere in Cologne, but it’s still the cheapest drink on the menu.

The restaurant is centrally located. Reservations are not necessary. If you want to go in just for a drink without eating you can.

Have you been to Fruh? What do you think of restaurants in Cologne?

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  1. Encarna says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I like reading your post so much!I have never been to Cologne, but I have been to Munich and berlin, such a nice places, you can breathe history everywhere!!!
    Kisses Lisa, we have to meet to have a cofee or what you want

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, sorry I didn’t reply to this before; there were a few comments that I missed. When do you want to have coffee? And when are you free? What days and times are you available? Let me know your timetable and then we can organise something. Are you going to the next Mallorca Blogs meeting (which I think might change the date)? Thanks so much for enjoying my Cologne posts; after going there I would love to go to Munich or Berlin 🙂

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