How NOT to Get From Tangalle to Mirissa (Trust Me, I Lived It!)

Seriously, how hard can it be to get from Tangalle to Mirissa using public transport? I mean look how close they are on the map. Could it really have taken us all day?

tangalle to mirissa

Well yes, it did take us all bloody day just to get from Tangalle to Mirissa. I still don’t even know what we did so wrong. But I can tell you we didn’t do it right. Here’s how NOT to travel from Tangalle to Mirissa…

Step 1 – Tuk tuk from our accommodation in Tangalle to Tangalle Station

It’s true that we could have walked to Tangalle Station but I wasn’t feeling that well (just a cold) and we were lazy to be honest.

With the backpacks and us it cost 100rs to go from Coppenrath Guest House to Tangalle Bus Station.

Step 2 – Bus from Tangalle to Matara

From Tangalle Bus Station we just had to get on a bus to Matara. Matara is the main town in the area of Mirissa. There weren’t any buses going direct from Tangalle to Mirissa. (If you know otherwise, please don’t tell me, I don’t want to know!)

From Tangalle, the bus to Matara should have taken just over an hour. Yeah right!

After one hour on the hottest, sweatiest bus from Hell we were only in Dikwela, where the bus we were on waited at the bus station for a good fifteen minutes.

Then we went through every (and I mean every) town, village and settlement between there and Matara. We stopped at every bus stop.

Step 3 – Find bus to Mirissa

About another two hours later we arrived in Matara. The bus station was mental – no other word for it. There were people everywhere with luggage, chickens and children.

We got off the bus, thankfully, and proceeded to look for the bus to Mirissa. Mirissa is only half an hour away from Matara and every bus going in that direction should (in theory) stop at Mirissa. But each driver told us that he was not going there.

Finally we found a bus going through Mirissa but it wasn’t leaving for another half an hour. We were wasting good beach time and we were hot and frustrated.

Step 4 – Bus to Mirissa

Of course the bus from Matara to Mirissa did not take just 30 minutes as we had expected. But by this time we were resigned to this.

We finally alighted on the dusty main street of Mirissa miserable and hungry. And we still needed to find somewhere to stay. Tune in next time to see how that went.

Moral of the story

If you have to get from Tangalle to Mirissa, TAKE A TAXI.

Are you reading this and nodding your head because you’ve been in the same situation? Please say you are and that it’s not just me!

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