The Day I was Served Ants for Dinner in Bali

And no, it wasn’t something that I had ordered.

Next time we speak I shall share with you something absolutely revolting that I tried willingly in Bangkok…

But this side order of ants in Ubud, Bali was truly a (not very pleasant) surprise.

budis warung ubud

So this post is about where NOT to eat in Ubud!

Where NOT to eat in Ubud: BUDI’S WARUNG

Budi’s Warung was just around the corner from our budget accommodation in Ubud and we had seen locals and tourists eating there.

The food was actually quite good.

And here’s the worst thing: we ate there twice! (Obviously it was the second time that we found ants in our food!)

The question is: were they there the first time too? But we just didn’t notice them? Trust me, this is something I have wondered many times. Driven myself crazy about, in fact.

You probably already know that the food in Indonesia takes time to arrive at the table. And all the dishes don’t tend to arrive at the same time either. Often two people are already halfway through their meals when the other two are served.

And this is what happened to us. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t the one that was halfway through my meal; I was the one that was served the meal after, noticed the ants on my plate and then alerted my friends. My friends, who were already happily tucking into their curries stopped mid-spoonful in disgust as they realised that yes, they also had tiny visitors on their plates.

I called the staff over, told them that we would not be eating this or paying for it and that we would be leaving. They rolled their eyes at our drama as though serving ants was nothing serious and still charged us for the drinks!

Then we were out of there as quick as we could move. No need to find an alternative restaurant; we’d lost our appetite!

I know that I did eat some pretty questionable street food in Indonesia, but this was a restaurant. While I’d never describe the street food places as exactly “clean”, even their standards were higher than this.

Anyway, bottom line: give Budi’s Warung in Ubud a miss.

How about you? Any disgusting travel food stories to share?

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