My Top Things to do in Nha Trang

I know that many people visit Nha Trang just to go to Vietnam’s most important beach, but there are other people who are actually looking for things to do in Nha Trang. And guess what, I have a list:

My Top Things to do in Nha Trang

1. Long Thanh Gallery

The Long Thanh Gallery is a place of pure inspiration for all photographers.

It is a collection of black and white photos created by the highly esteemed Long Thanh, who is, in fact, from Nha Trang. These understated and simple shots capture every day Vietnamese life, from children playing to men walking, to women doing the laundry.

It is their simplicity and their uneventfulness that captivates the viewer, taking us deep into a world that we can only ever see from the outside, and showing us a world within a world, far away from the modern, touristy Nha Trang that we have left behind at the beach.

Things to do in Vietnam

Image by Long Thanh

2. Cocktails by Candlelight

Okay, so you don’t need the candlelight; that was a coincidence when there was a power cut, but it certainly added to the mood!

One evening I sat alone in my favourite Nha Trang bar drinking cocktails by candlelight! It was actually a great way to spend the last evening before leaving for Saigon.

My cocktail arrived and that’s when the lights went out. And the wifi. Luckily I had a phone with a torch on it because the staff took so long to bring the candles round to the tables. And when they did the waitresses were giggling so much that they laughed the flame out!

When I finally got my candle I got my pen and paper out and drank my drink by candlelight and torchlight and sat writing the old-fashioned way. It was quite novel actually!

The cocktails in Nha Trang are reasonably good, as opposed to the rest of the country where they are not! So if you are going to drink cocktails in Vietnam, might as well make it in Nha Trang.

3. Beach Feast

This is a must in Nha Trang. A beach feast is something that you just can’t miss. Yes, it’s true that you could find something similar in other countries. And yes, it is true that you could eat fish just as good on other beaches elsewhere.

But Nha Trang really does this well: there are women who walk up and down the beach looking for hungry tourists. They set down their huge baskets and produce a mini barbecue from underneath all kinds of gems from the sea. They set to work barbecuing exactly what you want whilst fanning the flame and chatting amongst themselves.

As the seafood-flavoured barbecue smoke wafts close to you, your stomach rumbles, and it’s just as well too, because you are going to get quite a feast.

Things to do in Vietnam

4. Try a Mud Bath

A visit to Nha Trang’s famous Thap Ba Hot Springs is well advised if you are in Nha Trang – well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it!

There are different options but I recommend a splurge on the package with everything. It’s not cheap by Vietnam’s standards but at US$50 it’s very good value for what is included and it is such a memorable experience.

Toni took me here for a treat to cheer me up after I’d had my iphone stolen.

Soak in a private mud bath for about 45 minutes
Soak in natural warm mineral water with herb for 30 minutes
Foot massage
Jacuzzi, mineral swimming pool and waterfall for unlimited time

They also provide you with swimming costume, locker use, towel and water so you don’t need to take anything with you.

Read about my Nha Trang mud bath experience here.

How about you? What’s your favourite thing to do in Nha Trang? What did I miss?

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