Tibidabo: Best Family Day Out in Barcelona

When I was in Barcelona at the weekend I spent a few hours at Tibidabo Theme Park, wandering around the attractions and rides that Mount Tibidabo is famous for.

As we were staying on Avenida Tibidabo at ABaC, it was only natural for us to kill a few hours there at Tibidabo.

The Blue Tram to Tibidabo

First of all we took the Tram Blau – or blue tram – from outside our hotel on Avenida Tibidabo and trundled the ten minutes up the hill to the beginning of the cable car.


The tram was quite charming and was fun to go on it once but I wouldn’t be bothered about doing it again. It was over priced at 4€ per person each way for just a ten minute ride. We were comparing it to the tram from Soller to Puerto Soller in Mallorca, which we also think is expensive, but this one was even less value for money.

As I said, it was fun though. And it got us to the foot of Tibidabo.

Funicular up Tibidabo Mountain

Tibidabo, Barcelona

If you have read my ‘My Travels‘ page then you will know that I have an irrational fear of cable cars! I dislike more the ones that fly through the air but I’m not keen on the ones that are attached to the mountain either.

The Funicular de Tibidabo was one of those attached to the mountain kinds. As it happened it wasn’t very steep so it was more like going on an uphill train than a cable car.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that cable cars are, for some bizarre reason, a part of travelling and that if I can’t avoid going on one then I just have to grit my teeth and bear it.

I had actually managed to avoid this kind of cable car for the past five years; the last time I was on one being when I was going up the mountain Koya San in Japan just outside Kyoto and that was a scary one! It was well worth it though, to spend the night in a temple atop the sacred Koya San Mountain with the monks. That’s a story for another day; we’ll step into my Japanese shoes and I’ll tell you all about it… next time.

The Tibidabo cable car was 7.70€ return and if you were buying tickets for the rides at the theme park then there was a reduced rate.

Tibidabo Theme Park

When we arrived at the theme park it was fairly quiet so we were not bothered by huge crowds but there was enough going on to keep us entertained.

Tibidabo Theme Park has many rides at the top of the mountain, most of which are designed to show passengers the amazing view from a unique perspective. There is the aeroplane ride that goes round in circles, the huge double-ended crane with a viewing platform on each end and various carousels.

Then there were other, more thrilling roller coaster rides too as well as plenty of play areas and smaller rides for young children.

Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Barcelona, and many of the rides are the original; some boasting over 100 years in operation.

Tibidabo, Barcelona Tibidabo, Barcelona Tibidabo, Barcelona

Tibidabo, Barcelona Tibidabo, Barcelona Tibidabo, Barcelona

The ticket price was 25€ if you wanted to go on the rides, but as we were content with the view and the church, we did not bother.

Tibidabo Church

The Temple del Sagrat Cor (Temple of the Sacred Heart) which sits proudly and elegantly atop Mount Tibidabo is a relatively new catholic church, which was completed only 50 years ago.

The statue of Jesus, perched precariously on top of the church, looks eerily as if it is preparing to take a head-first dive down the mountain. Nevertheless it is a strong and awe-inspiring statue which looks like it woud be more at home in Rio de Janeiro.

Tibidabo, Barcelona

We walked up the steps to the church but didn’t go in the main chapel as there was a baptism taking place. However, the outside was quite magnificent.


Later we went back down in the Tibidabo Funicular and then instead of taking the tram we walked along a nature trail down the last part of the mountain which took us back to Avenida Tibidabo and then back to the hotel.

Find out what we did next here….

If ever you are stuck for something to do in Barcelona with children, this would be my recommendation. What would you recommend to families visiting Barcelona?

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