Riding The Trains Through Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Hey guys, what’s up? Sorry for the recent neglect! I assure you it is not from lack of love, but purely busy-ness, what with finishing up work for the season and then taking a few amazing trips in Spain…

But let’s backtrack there a bit; I’ll tell you about those things all in good time. First I still have loads more to share with you about the backpacking trip in Sri Lanka. If you remember, we’d got as far as Adam’s Peak. So without further ado…

Sri Lanka’s Gorgeous Hill Country and Stunning Train Rides


Chugging through the countryside

When we got down from Adam’s Peak, the next plan was to take the train from Hatton to Haputale, where we would stay for the next few days.

Second Class Train Tickets

After the fiasco with the black market train tickets in Kandy, we decided to just try our luck with buying the tickets on the same day for the ride between Hatton and Haputale. Not that we had much choice. And we ended up with two second class tickets for the grand total of 220rs (1.40€) for both of us for the four hour ride.

We got really lucky on the train and managed to get two seats together for the whole journey. This meant we were able to enjoy amazing wadi wadi from all the hawkers that passed through.

The ride between Hatton and Haputale

Every blog post I’d read before the trip said that the train journey from Hatton, passing by Nuwara Eliya and on to Haputale and Ella was the most spectacular in the country. And they were not wrong.

The landscape was absolutely breathtaking, and everyone; locals and tourists had their heads hanging out of the windows because they couldn’t get enough of it.

The trains in Sri Lanka go extremely slow, and that makes it easy to stick your head out, snap the photos you want and smile hello to the odd tea picker or monkey along the way.

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka, don’t even think about missing out on the trains. Yes it can be frustrating when you can’t get the tickets you want, but you will always have a brilliant time and come away with a new experience and new friends.

Here are my photos from the train journey between Hatton and Haputale…

I’ve put together a few snaps of the views from the train and snippets of life going on by the tracks. Hope you like them.

Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Kids on the tracks

Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Passing through the stations of the Hill Country


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

The purpose of the journey is not always the destination


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Tea, anyone?


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Awesome landscape


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

People that just got off the train making their way home


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Playtime by the tracks


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Chasing our tail!


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Another mode of transport


Train from Hatton to Haputale, Sri Lanka

Passing the odd waterfall


So how about you? Are you planning a trip on Sri Lanka’s trains through the hill country? Or have you already been? What’s the most spectacular train journey you’ve been on?

Take care until next time. And don’t forget; your comments are always welcome.

I would like to remind you that all the photos used on InMyShoesTravel.com are my own unless otherwise stated.
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