Where to Buy Your Wine in Mallorca

An annual wine tasting event, a wonderful wine shop and a great delivery service: Today we are talking about Vinamica in Lloseta, Mallorca.

If you live in Mallorca or if you visit Mallorca often, the chances are you drink a lot of wine. It’s a Mediterranean thing!


Vinamica shop in Lloseta – Photo Source: Vinamica.es

I live in a flat but where my underground parking space is there is a storeroom too. In this storeroom I have a large wine rack that holds 72 bottles and it’s like having a little wine cellar.

In my household we only drink Spanish wines – and that’s not snobbery. When you live in a country that is one of the world’s largest wine producers you have a lot on your doorstep, and most wine drinkers here know Spanish wines rather than others. It’s logical.

My boyfriend, Toni, is responsible for most of the bottles that we have in our ‘wine cellar’ and many of those bottles come from Vinamica.

What is Vinamica?

Vinamica is a wine shop and distributer in Lloseta, Mallorca. The shop is opposite Restaurant Santi Taura, and is in fact owned and run by Santi’s brother, Tomeu Taura. Click here for location.

At Vinamica they sell wines from all over Spain and many from the island of Mallorca itself. If you haven’t been to the shop then I recommend that you pay them a visit (open 09:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00 – telephone: 871 91 16 35). But you can also order online and they will deliver the wine to your door.

If you decide to join their loyalty programme, they will send you special offers and they also make a package of six different bottles and send them to you every month. As the wines in the package change, the price changes every month but it is never more than 50€ and you don’t have to have it every month if you don’t fancy it. You can just send it back. But this is a great way to discover different wines and try new things without having to make any effort yourself.

If you are the owner of a business that sells or serves wines, like a small restaurant or a shop in Mallorca you can use Vinamica as your supplier and have a good selection of varied wines of different price ranges without having to contact every wine cellar directly. That’s why many Mallorcan wine cellars use Vinamica; even though they could easily sell their wines themselves, it’s easier to let Vinamica do it for them.

Vinamica also organises an annual wine tasting event for which you will receive an invitation if you are one of their customers. This took place last week and is actually what inspired this post.


The wine tasting event that Vinamica hosts every year is held in the Lloseta Theatre and is called Vinamica Showroom.

They invite representatives from all over Spain to come with their wine for Vinamica clients to sample and they set up small stalls in one of the studios of the theatre.

As the client, you take a glass and walk around the room tasting as many wines as you wish and chatting to the people serving it. Normally the person that comes from the wine cellar is knowledgable in the wine and enthusiastic to let you try it.

This year there were quite a few wines and wine cellars that really caught my attention.

Here are my recommendations:

Alta Alella Privat

Alta Alella Privat, in the region of Priorat, is the wine cellar that called my attention most last week as there were three of their wines that really stood out for me.

AA Privat Rose: Of all the cava that I tried during the afternoon, AA Privat Rose was the one that really stood out for its freshness and elegance and I would recommend it for a summer’s afternoon on the terrace or as an aperitif before a meal. More information about this cava here.

AA Bruel: This is an organic cava with no added sulphates. I found this cava very interesting, as it is known as a ‘natural wine’ and had a really interesting salty taste. More information about this cava here.

Barranc Dels Comellars blanc: This was a very interesting white wine made of garnacha and Pedro Ximenez and is produced by the Mas Igneus wine cellar, which was there together with Alta Alella Privat.

Quinta Quietud

Another wine cellar which I was really impressed with was Quinta Quietud from Toro wine region. The man there only had three wines and they were all excellent.

This is the wine cellar which produces La Mula wine. La Mula is the top wine from this wine cellar and costs over 50€ a bottle. This year there was no La Mula wine at the event because they had only produced 1,400 bottles and they had already been snapped up.

Corral de Campanas: This young red is what they call their ‘sexy’ wine. They are trying to make a young wine for young people. It has a trendy label, is light and bright and, well, sexy! It’s not to be underestimated though; it is still a whopping 15% alcohol volume. The man from the wine cellar recommended keeping this bottle for about a year before opening it. More information about this wine here.

Quinta Quietud: This is the wine cellar’s ‘serious’ wine. It was one of my favourites of the event. I was told that it is especially good this year (2009 harvest) as they haven’t made many bottles of La Mula. Quinta Quietud, therefore has more chance of getting the best grapes. More information about this wine here.

La Dulce Quietud: I didn’t try many sweet wines at this event, but this one was really different. As it is made with five grape varieties, it does not qualify for Designation of Origin of Toro status and it appears that it was made as a bit of an experiment. It was a very interesting sweet wine, as it had a slight bitterness which meant it would be good as an aperitif rather than as a dessert wine. More information about this wine here.

Bodegas Angel

I did not make a beeline for the Mallorcan wine cellars, as I already know most of the wines, but a friend that I was tasting with wanted to taste one of the Angel wines, and while we were there, one wine called my attention:

Angel Voignier: This white wine is made of 100% voignier grape and is aged for four months in French oak, giving it a mature flavour and a really smooth texture. I really liked it. More information about this wine here.

Quinta Couselo / Finca Viñoa

Quinta Couselo and Finca Viñoa are two wine cellars right in the very south of Galicia in northern Spain. Normally the wines from Galicia are produced using the Albariño grape variety and due to the terrain tend to be quite acidic.

As these two properties are right in the southernmost part of Galicia, the wines are slightly different and a little surprising as they are exposed to a slightly different climate than other wines from Galicia.

Finca Viñoa: The wine that I enjoyed most here was the Finca Viñoa wine, which was well-balanced with a mixture of bitterness and fruitiness. More information about this wine here.

Terroir Champenoise

where to buy wine in mallorca

Manuel Pla and my friend Joan enjoying a drop of Champagne

Manuel Pla is quite an interesting man. He was a sommelier but quit to dedicate his time to Terroir Champenoise. He does not produce wine himself, but rather spends his time discovering small farms and wine producers in the Champagne region of France.

See his map here.

He literally drives around the countryside and stops when something interests him.

When he finds something new or different he brings it to Spain and promotes it. He is probably the person with the most knowledge and the best collection of French Champagne in Spain.

Pehu Simonet Face Nord: Of all the Champagnes, this one was my favourite. It was a blend of chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

I tried all his Champagnes and found them all different for one reason or another, but what I enjoyed most was chatting with Manuel about his project.

After more than three hours of wine and champagne it was certainly time to go home! Luckily our lift was there and ready to take us back to Alcudia.

What about you? Do you drink Spanish wines? What do you like? Do you think you will try to visit Vinamica in Lloseta?

More about food and drink here.

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  1. susan sykes says:

    Vinamica is where we bought a bottle of wine when we were over in October, it was really nice and cost just a few euros I would go there again and recommend Vinamica.
    In fact when we are over in June and we have a rental car we might just go and get a couple of bottles from there.

    • Lisa says:

      Good plan. You can stop near the beginning of your holiday and drink them while you’re in Mallorca… Sitting on a nice terrace in the countryside enjoying the countryside after a hard day’s sightseeing or beach-bumming…

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