We Saw Wild Dolphins!

Guess what! We saw wild dolphins!

It was at the end of our boat trip to Rinca and Komodo Islands. It was the perfect end to the perfect cruise.

As you know, we had arranged with a local boat owner to take us from Labuan Bajo. We set off at 8am and sailed a couple of hours to Rinca Island and then visited Rinca Island where we saw Komodo Dragons for the first time.

After lunch on the boat we went for a bit of snorkelling at Pink Beach and then sailed closer to Komodo Island and anchored for the night.

The next morning we moored at Komodo Island and went to look for more Komodo Dragons.

We spent the best part of the afternoon sailing towards Kanawa Island where we would say goodbye to our crew and stay on the private island for a few nights. It was during this journey that one of the boys on the boat shouted that there were dolphins.

At first we couldn’t see them but as the boat slowed and they came closer, we could see them jumping in and out of the water.

I have seen dolphins in the sea before and since but I still get really excited whenever I see their graceful diving and swimming…

Boat from Komodo to Kanawa

Is that dolphins over there?


wild dolphins kanawa

Oh yes, it is!

And as we approached Kanawa Island we saw just how beautiful the place we would be staying was.

Boat from Komodo to Kanawa

Boat from Komodo to Kanawa

Boat from Komodo to Kanawa

But more about Kanawa Island soon.

Step into my shoes and join me in paradise. In the meantime, see the rest of these photos here.

Wait a minute, I’m sure we didn’t even wear shoes on Kanawa Island!

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