Where to Eat in Tangalle

I ate so much in Tangalle that I consider myself quite the authority on the subject of where to eat!

Whether you want a sit-down meal, a quick snack or breakfast pancakes, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to eat in Tangalle.

Here’s where I ate and what I thought:

Sha Sha Beach Shack

sha sha beach shack Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka

We ate at the Sha Sha Beach Shack a few times. It was just down the beach from our first accommodation in Tangalle, the Lonely Beach Resort. They did good food and good beer with a great view. Everything you need from a beach shack.

The first night we ate here Toni had fresh calamari, I had a grilled whole fish and we drank four ginger beers. The bill came to 3,100rs (under 20€).

Starfish Cafe / Roti Hut

If you have been doing some research already into where to eat in Tangalle, you have already come across this place. Travellers absolutely rave about the rotis here. You will find them mentioned in many blogs, such as this one, whose writer also stayed there.

where to eat in tangalla

This place is the place for breakfast. I had read about it and I wanted to go. So much so that we walked nearly an hour on the beach from Lonely Beach Resort to get there. To be fair, we were exploring too.

As you can see, we did opt to try breakfast (well, it was more like brunch by that time) and the famous rotis. Just as a note, my coffee came like that, it wasn’t me that threw it all over the place!

I had a chicken roti and this disgraceful coffee. Toni had a seafood roti and a banana milkshake and the bill came to 1,320rs (8,00€ approx).

It’s true that the rotis were very good and the place is definitely worth trying. Give the coffee a miss though!

Perlin Hotel

Short eats, Tangalle

This place was in Tangalle town, and man it was an amazing breakfast. We had short eats. Click here if you don’t know what they are.

It was one of those places where it’s full of locals and everyone seems to know how it all works. We didn’t so we just sat down at a table and waited for someone to come. When they asked us what we wanted, as we didn’t have a clue, we just asked for tea and said short eats. Presently a huge dish of all kinds of goodies was placed on the table in front of us and we tucked in. We’d ordered well.

I couldn’t tell you what we ate exactly but it was all samosa-type things and roti-type things. And all so so good. We paid 300rs for both of us with the tea included!

sri lanka street food

Sandy’s Cabanas

This is a place to stay on the beach, but also a restaurant. Probably the restaurant we were most impressed with in Tangalle. The place was huge with tables and chairs all across the beach.

It was a buffet set up and you paid 1,500rs per person and you could eat as much as you wanted. Good value, because there was plenty on offer. There were two big barbecues with delicious fresh fish being grilled. You just went up and chose whatever you wanted.

There was salad, bread, noodles and rice inside the restaurant too, and you could go inside and help yourself. Here’s a pro tip: don’t fill up on all that stuff – as nice as it is, what you’ve paid for is the barbecue!

This is a place I would have gone back to if I’d had time.

The bill came to 3,347rs for two bbq buffet tickets and three ginger beers.


Coppenrath, Tangalle

This was another of those places on the beach. We walked through the main lane by the beach where all the restaurants are and we settled for this place. I’m not really sure if it was the best choice. Check what’s on offer at the different places before you settle on one.

We ordered a big whole fresh fish to share and it was nice. We were bothered quite a lot by the dogs on the beach this night and so I wasn’t that into it. Plus the service was random in that though they recommended this to share, we got just one fork and one plate. The bill came to 3,410rs (22€) for the fish and a big bottle of water.

Coppenrath Guest House

Well as we were staying here, it would be rude not to try the restaurant!

After our excursion with Dilantha in his tuk tuk we checked in and ordered lunch. We just had a club sandwich (me) and seafood noodles (Toni) and a couple of ginger beers.

We also ate here on our last night and we had a tuna supper to share. It was wonderful! We were really impressed and I would definitely recommend it.

I can also wholeheartedly recommend the cocktails at Coppenrath. I never drink cocktails at backpacker places in Asia but they had a happy hour and it just happened. Well, we ended up having two each!

Coppenrath, Tangalle

Tangalle Market

As a bonus place to get snacks when you arrive by bus at Tangalle Station or when you are leaving, there is a great stall just facing out of the market toward the buses that does the most amaaaazing samosas. Probably, together with the ones in Ella, the best I had in Sri Lanka. You can get them to take away to have on the bus or on the beach and they cost peanuts. If you eat anything in Tangalle, make sure it’s these fabulous samosas.

How about you? Have you eaten in Tangalle? Where was your favourite place? Spill.

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