Where to Stay in Habarana

Before I left for Sri Lanka I did plenty of research about where to stay in Habarana and where to stay in Sri Lanka in general, because I knew that we would be booking accommodation as we went along rather than in advance. So I made a list of places that I liked the look of for when we turned up in the town so that we’d know where to head and roughly how much to pay.

At the bottom of this page I will share that list of Habarana accommodation so that you also have some ideas of where to stay in Habarana and don’t have to start from scratch.

Where we actually stayed in Habarana: Thuruliya Guest House

where to stay in habarana

Me and my big backpack at Thuruliya Guest House, Habarana

Why we decided to stay at Thuruliya Guest House:

Well that’s quite simple: Thuruliya Guest House was already on my list of places to stay in Habarana and when we met Indika the tuk tuk driver at Habarana Train Station he, of course, wanted to recommend us a place to stay.

When he said that he wanted to show us “his place” we asked where that was and it turned out to be Thuruliya Guest House which, though not my first choice, was on my list. So we said we’d have a look.

When the price was right at 2,900rs/night with breakfast we decided to take it.

What we got for 2,900rs/night at Thuruliya Guest House:

  • Private double room with private bathroom
  • Hot water
  • Wifi – which worked well
  • Breakfast – which was very good
where to stay in Habarana

Breakfast at Thuruliya Guest House, Habarana

Location of Thuruliya Guest House:

Thuruliya Guest House is located just off the Polonnaruwa Road down a dirt track a few minutes walk from the main road.

It was also just a few minutes walk from a lagoon which was very pleasant to walk around at sunset.

To walk to town centre (as Habarana crossroads is called) it was about a ten minute walk.

My review of Thuruliya Guest House:

The young man who owned and ran the small guest house was friendly and helpful. It was he who organised our tour to Hurulu Eco Park in his brother’s jeep.

Each of the three or four rooms was in its own building or attached to just one other room.

It was set well back from the main road and was quiet.

Our room had A/C but it wasn’t included in the price we paid. We made do with the fan but if we’d wanted A/C we could have paid more.

The double bed wasn’t the best but it was comfy enough. The bathroom was big and the shower didn’t soak the toilet. The bathroom smelt a bit funny sometimes, like sewage; just a faint whiff. We didn’t get towels here, we had to use our own.

The guest house was clean: the guys that worked there were constantly sweeping.

Breakfast on the patio of the main building was good. We always got a fried egg, toast and a massive platter of fruit with a pot of tea for Toni and a pot of coffee for me. On the second day we got hoppers too. On the third day we got some left-over wedding food from a celebration they’d been to the day before including cubes of sticky rice, dried string hoppers which were crunchy and sweet and deep-fried palm toddy which oozed grease and was like cholesterol on a plate.

We stayed here for three nights and were very satisfied; I would recommend it to a friend.

If you don’t fancy Thuruliya Guest House or in case it’s full, here are some more options of places to stay in Habarana from the list I made before I went. All are budget choices. I’ll include the link to the website I found it on so you can read the full article:

Do you have a different place to recommend to stay in Habarana? Feel free to share.

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    Breakfast looks lovely especially the fruit – what are hoppers? Or don’t I want to know!!!!!

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