Where to Stay in Kandy

We booked our accommodation for Kandy in advance. It was one of only two places in Sri Lanka where we did so, the other being Colombo for our first night in the country.

You see, it is very easy to find accommodation in Sri Lanka. It is everywhere, in the form of small guesthouses and spare rooms in people’s houses. So normally we were able to just rock up at a town and arrange something on the spot, meaning that we could be flexible and not tied to a set itinerary.

Why I booked our Kandy accommodation in advance

The reason I decided to book our Kandy accommodation in advance was because it was the sacred Poya Day while we were there. As Kandy is one of Sri Lanka’s most important spiritual centres, being home to the famous Temple of the Tooth, we figured it would be: A. busy in Kandy; and B. expensive, with accommodation in such demand.

As it happened, I needn’t have worried; despite it being Poya Day, it was business as usual in Kandy.

Of course, we didn’t know this at the time. So to be on the safe side, I organised something through booking.com before we left Spain.

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View from Lakefront Homestay – photo credit: booking.com

Lake Front Homestay, Kandy

Lake Front Homestay was the name of the place we stayed, indicating that it was somewhere near Kandy Lake. It was. It was also up a very steep hill in a tiny street. The hill was a magic hill in that, during our stay in Kandy, it it got steeper each time we had to walk up it.

Lake Front Homestay was a small place with just four or five rooms. Our room was on the top floor, reached by a very narrow spiral staircase, which seemed to have the same magical powers as the hill.

I’d booked a triple room because it was the only thing available.

The room at Lake Front Homestay was basic and simple but it did the job and had a decent fan.

Our room in Kandy was clean, as was the rest of the place. But the guys running it were a bit clueless. For example, in the central living / dining area, once someone had eaten a meal, the dirty dishes weren’t cleared away for ages, attracting flies and insects. And it didn’t occur to them to tell us that if we wanted breakfast we had to order it before 5pm the previous day.

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The room was basic – photo credit: booking.com

After we’d been shown our room, we were offered a welcome cup of tea, as is customary in Sri Lanka. The tea was good (as it always is in Sri Lanka) but our cups and the pot were still there when we came back to our room after seeing the Kandyan Dances and having dinner.

Our room did not have an attached bathroom. The bathroom was across the way but it was only for us and we had a key. The shower was one of the best we had in Sri Lanka, though as usual, the controls were mounted so high on the wall that it was impossible to reach and adjust the temperature.

Where will you stay in Kandy?

There are cheaper places to stay in Kandy. But we paid 5,000rs (32€) for two nights for both of us and we were satisfied with that.

Check out Lake Front Homestay on booking.com.

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Do you know somewhere better/cheaper/cooler to stay in Kandy? Please share in the comments – you could be doing someone a great service!

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