White Christmas at Leeds Playhouse

Watching White Christmas at Leeds Playhouse was one of the highlights of my last trip to Leeds.

Every christmas, the West Yorkshire Playhouse puts on a big musical production and this year’s was one of the best I have seen.

This year’s spectacular was White Christmas at Leeds Playhouse; a very good choice.

Starring Darren Day as Bob Wallace, the show was a high quality feel-good musical that guaranteed to have us dancing and singing through the streets all the way home.

All the cast was very good and the singing was great. Not sure how I felt about the strange microphone wires hanging over the back of each actor’s head though.

My special praise goes to Melanie La Barrie who played Martha: ex-broadway star and current housekeeper at the Vermont inn where the show is set. She had a great voice and played the part very well, keeping the audience well entertained with Martha’s exasperation for the general and her dry sense of humour.

Somehow she reminded me of Queen Lafitah playing Mama in the 2002 film Chicago!

The lighting and sound were as good as always at the Quarry Theatre at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, and the set this year was very good.

The Quarry Theatre has a revolving stage that was put to good use without stealing the show from the actors. I do personally like a nice clean-looking and functional set.

White Christmas at Leeds Playhouse

The production was based on Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, that was a film in 1954 starring Bing Crosby, who also sang the extremely catchy and famous song of the same name that you are probably humming right now. The 1954 film White Christmas was based on an earlier 1942 film called Holiday Inn.

White Christmas at Leeds Playhouse: The Plot

In a nutshell…

The main protagonists Bob Wallace (Darren Day) and Phil Davis (Oliver Tompsett) start out their career in entertainment in the trenches during WWII when they perform for their fellow soldiers.

Fast forward a few years and they are entertaining the nation on the Ed Sullivan show.

When the pair meet two singing and dancing sisters that they fancy their chances with they drop their entertainment gig in Florida and jump on a train to Vermont where the girls are headed.

There they find the inn in crisis: Vermont is having a heatwave! There is no snow and the guest have all checked out. When the boys realise that the inn belongs to their old army general, they decide to stay and put on a show with the girls and round up a few members of the old division to try to save the old man’s business.

The story is cheesy and dated but the show is a good one, filled with feel-good moments and great for families.

So what are you waiting for? The next white Christmas? Get your tickets booked now before it’s too late: West Yorkshire Playhouse.

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Or click here for photos from the rehearsal studios.

Or discover more about Leeds here.

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