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Searching for tarantulas on the night trek, being almost abducted by an over-friendly orangutan, sleeping in the open-air on an Indonesian river boat, and having the time of our lives in the jungle… These are just a few things that I have shared with you on this rainforest blog.

The Rainforest has been our Destination of the Month for the whole of February and we have had quite an adventure. Tomorrow with a new month we will leave the rainforest and explore a new destination (no, I’m not telling you where!).

Now we have come to the end of our rainforest blog and I have put here all the posts from this experience in the order they were written so you can access them in chronological order or go wherever you want. Click on the post titles or icon photo to be taken to the post.

Rainforest Blog post 1: Somewhere in the Borneo Jungle

Tanjung Puting National Park

Our introduction to the Borneo Jungle.

This post is about my very first moments in Kalimantan, where I realise that there is no going back: we’re here, we are going to be here for four days and we are sleeping on a boat in the jungle.

The moment we are arrive we are faced with horrendous rain that prevents us from setting off and a taxi driver with a mosquito infestation, plus our first introduction to jungle food…

Rainforest Blog post 2: The Rainforest


My first experience of the rainforest was the rain!

Here I explain to you exactly what the rainforest is, what our plans are and why you should step into my shoes and join me on this journey.

I see you didn’t need much convincing as, if you are reading this post, you made it right to the end!

Rainforest Blog post 3: InMyShoesTravel and Friends in the Jungle

Trekking in Camp Leakey

Here I introduce you to our group. We are two couples: Toni and me, Omar and Yoko.

Reading this will help you understand each person’s personality and their role in the organisation of the tour (or not). It’s important to know who each person is because I mention them a bit throughout the other posts.

Rainforest Blog post 4: Our First Sighting of a Wild Male Orangutan

Tanjung Puting National Park

That magical moment on our very first day when the sun’s come out, we are full from a tasty lunch and we are chugging down the river happily… Suddenly the icing’s on the cake and we are all up on our feet watching a real live wild male orangutan in the bushes by the riverbank.

This was the first time we saw an orangutan and the only time we saw a wild orangutan.

Rainforest Blog post 5: Iim of the Jungle: The Best Guide in Kalimantan

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Here I introduce you to Iim, aka Rambo, our crazy guide and companion for the trip.

Iim was the best guide we could possibly have: He was enthusiastic and knew everything about his home, the rainforest.

He took us trekking in Tanjung Puting National Park, he took us to see the orangutans, and he spent every moment we were on the boat sitting at the front watching for wildlife to point out to us.

Rainforest Blog post 6: How to Book a Tour in Kalimantan

Trekking in Camp Leakey

If you already know that you want to go to Kalimantan, it’s time to organise your tour. Here I give you advice about how to book, how to barter a good price and how to make sure you get the best possible deal.

How to make sure everything you need is included and how to make sure you don’t end up on a rowing boat in crocodile-infested waters.

Rainforest Blog post 7: The Banana o’clock show

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

What happens in the rainforest at feeding time?

The whole forest springs to life, orangutans start to appear in the trees, bananas are left out on the feeding platform, there are antics, acrobatics and squabbles.

The banana o’clock show will be the highlight of any tour in Kalimantan.

Rainforest Blog post 8: Living on a Klotok

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

During my stay in the rainforest I lived aboard a klotok (Indonesian river boat): I ate and slept on the open top deck. Here I share with you this terrific and unique experience in the jungle.

Those who are considering a tour by klotok will find all the information about life onboard a klotok here. Or if you continue down to post number 20 you will find recommendations about how many days to book your klotok tour for.

Rainforest Blog post 9: How to pack for three nights in the jungle


Well this is an important one if you are seriously planning a visit to the Borneo rainforest. How else are you going to know what to take? It’s not like any other trip; it’s the jungle!

This post will make sure you stay dry in the rainforest, that you don’t get sunburn or bitten, and will also tell you how to get in the good books of the boat crew who are going to be looking after you during your stay.

And look out for my top tip about getting the ingrained grime off you when you can’t shower.

Rainforest Blog post 10: Discover Camp Leakey

Camp Leakey

Camp Leakey is a base deep in the rainforest in Tanjung Puting National Park, where you will probably be spending some time.

The camp was founded by Dr. Birute Galdikas in 1971 and since then it has been a rescue centre, feeding station and research centre for orangutans.

Rainforest Blog post 11: Ode to Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas

Camp Leakey

Let’s just take a moment to learn a little about the remarkable woman who founded Camp Leakey in 1971 when her professors told her it was impossible.

She went to live in the rainforest in an elevated wooden hut so that she could study the behaviour of wild orangutans. Much of what scientists know today about orangutans is thanks to Dr. Birute Galdikas.

Rainforest Blog post 12: Leaving the Sekonyer River – For a Shower

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

When you are in the rainforest living on a boat, things that we take for granted in our normal lives become luxuries, like taking a shower.

We could only shower when we had left the Sekonyer River and crossed over onto the Camp Leakey River. Here you are going to find out why. And discover the difference between these two rivers that lie adjacent to each other.

Rainforest Blog post 13: Orangutan Antics – In Photos

Camp Leakey

Here we observe the the antics of the orangutans through my own photos that I took during my stay in the rainforest. I really hope you enjoy them.

After taking a look at these photos, check out the next post, which contains lots of information about the orangutans themselves.

Rainforest Blog post 14: Orangutan: Man of the Forest

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

After seeing all those fantastic orangutan photos in the previous post, now we are going to learn a little about this fascinating creature: where it lives, what it eats, why the baby is always clinging to the mother…

And, most importantly, how to find it!

Rainforest Blog post 15: Only the Brave Join the Borneo Night Trek


Provoking tarantulas, being bitten by fire ants… and that’s only the half of it.

The Borneo Night Trek is a very important and necessary part of a visit to the jungle – sit this one out and you’ll regret it forever…

We walked away from the boat for less than five minutes and we were already deep in the jungle. As we moved away from the meagre light that the boat was giving off, complete darkness shrouded us. The tiny beams from our head-torches were mere dots of light, all but lost in the dense darkness…

Rainforest Blog post 16: Carnivorous Plants: A Whole Other World

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Yep, carnivorous plants! That’s right; in Borneo you don’t just have to look out for man-eating crocodiles, snakes, tarantulas and enormous wild primates – in Borneo even the plants are carnivorous.

And I’m not talking about the venus fly trap that you have on your windowsill at home.

Borneo has the highest plant diversity of any region on earth. So yes, that includes carnivorous plants…

Rainforest Blog post 17: Klotok Tour Itinerary

Tanjung Puting National Park

Here I outline for you the exact klotok tour itinerary that we followed.

If you are seriously thinking about going to Borneo and staying on a klotok for a few days then you need to have your itinerary clear.

This tells you exactly what we did, how we did it and what was included in the price.

Rainforest Blog post 18: Orang-utans, Crocodiles, Lizards, Monkeys. And Us!

Orangutans - Borneo Rainforest - Kalimantan, Indonesia

As I’m sure you can imagine, there is a lot to see in the rainforest. We got up-close-and-personal with more wildlife species than we every dreamt of – sometimes too close.

Here you can find out more about exactly what animals to expect to meet in the jungle.

Rainforest Blog post 19: What to do When an Orang-utan Tries to Kidnap You

Trekking in Camp Leakey


No, you don’t run because you want your photo taken, right?

So what do you do when an orang-utan tries to kidnap you? You’ll find out in this post…

You’ll also find out about trekking in Camp Leakey. If you are planning to visit Kalimantan there is a good chance you will visit Camp Leakey where there are great opportunities for trekking. Here you’ll find out about my own Camp Leakey trek.

Rainforest Blog post 20: Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights


And finally: Why spend three nights in the jungle? I mean why spend three nights as opposed to two, not why would you go at all?

(If you’re still not sure why to go at all, you need to go back up to the top of this article and click on each link in order).

But why three nights? What can you do in four days that you can’t do in three? Why would five days be too many? The info is all in this post.

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