Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Okay, this is why stay on a klotok for three nights as opposed to two or four, not why stay on a klotok for three nights (or any number of nights for that matter) at all.

Why would you choose to stay on a klotok in Kalimantan for three nights instead of two nights?

First of all: if you are going to do a klotok tour in Kalimantan then you will almost certainly be flying to Pangkalan Bun. If you haven’t got that much planned yet then start looking for flights to Pangkalan Bun (PKN). Kalstar and Trigana Air fly to Pangkalan Bun from different airports in Indonesia.

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

You can also find information about a klotok tour intinerary here.

So the first thing you have to do is work out where you are coming from and where you are going next so that you can see what days and times the flights are and work out how to be in Kalimantan for three nights and four days.

Why Three Nights?

Why stay on a klotok for three nights?

There are several reasons:

1. Getting off the Sekonyer River

From Pangkalan Bun airport it is only a short ride to the boat and your starting point, but then you have to drive on the boat up the river for a good few hours until you actually reach Tanjung Puting National Park.

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Moving down the Sekonyer River

The first and second orangutan feeding stations are on the Sekonyer River. You will certainly want to visit the first and second feeding stations but you won’t want to only visit the first and second feeding stations.

Read about the orangutan feeding stations in my post about banana o’clock.

The Sekonyer River is beautiful but you will also want to visit the Camp Leakey River too, which is cleaner and even more beautiful. The Camp Leakey River is deeper into the rainforest, and while you can quite easily reach this area in two days, you won’t have much opportunity to spend time there.

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Camp Leakey River

2. Sleeping on the Klotok

Sleeping on a klotok for most people is a unique experience. It certainly was for me. I’ve never slept on the open deck of any kind of boat, let alone on an Indonesian River boat in the Borneo Rainforest.

Let me be honest with you: your first night sleeping on a klotok you will be terrified and uncomfortable: there’ll be sounds, hoots, splashes near the boat, it will be pitch black and there will be strange insects flying and buzzing around you.

Why Stay On A Klotok For Three Nights

Living on a klotok

Read more about Living on a klotok.

By the second night you already know what to expect and you are much more comfortable with it. You actually enjoy it.

By the third night you are a pro at sleeping onboard the klotok and you really enjoy it. You watch the stars, you listen for the animal sounds trying to work out what they are, and you easily swat the huge flying beasts away like mosquitoes.

But after the third night the novelty starts to wear off a little. You stink, you are ready for a real shower, you want a comfy bed and air-conditioning.

Three nights is enough.

3. Visiting Camp Leakey

The highlight of a tour by klotok in Kalimantan is Camp Leakey. This is where there is more orangutan activity and this is where you can do some really good trekking.

Camp Leakey has a visitors’ centre, it is well staffed and it has the biggest orangutan feeding area. This is because Camp Leakey is an orangutan research base and also used to be a place where rehabilitated orangutans were released back into the wild, so there are many orangutans still in this area.

If you want to visit Camp Leakey you need to spend half a day driving up the Sekonyer River to get to Camp Leakey. After your visit you have to go back the same way for the same amount of time.

So if you only want to stay aboard the klotok for two nights you will limit yourself considerably: either you will have to spend less time in Camp Leakey, or you will have to miss out on the feeding stations on the Sekonyer River.

4. Do it right

You’ve spent so much time, effort and money getting to the Borneo jungle. Make sure you do it right and give yourself time to see all the things you want to see and to do all the things you want to do.

And that’s why stay on a klotok for three nights. Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy it.

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