What to do in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta was one of my very favourite places during the backpacking trip of Indonesia.

After our very brief visit to Jakarta, we flew to Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) where we spent three days living on a klotok in the rainforest.

You can read the whole rainforest blog here.

Then we flew back to Java to visit Yogyakarta. We had to fly to Semarang because there were no flights direct to Yogyakarta.

In this post I will be telling you what did in Yogyakarta and giving you some recommendations:

How to get from Kalimantan to Yogyakarta


First of all I’ll be showing you how we managed to get from Kalimantan on Borneo to Yogyakarta on Java with no direct flights. It was tricky and took the best part of a day plus a lot of planning.

Read the details here.

Where to stay in Yogyakarta


I was so happy with the home-stay that we chose for this visit to Yogyakarta that I will be delighted to recommend it to you. It was centrally located, attractive and cheap.

In fact, it was the best value accommodation we had on the whole backpacking trip. The best part was the free afternoon tea and the refreshing swimming pool.

Read more here about Delta Homestay in Yogyakarta.

What to do and see in Yogyakarta in three days

Three days is not enough time in this fantastic city but you can still do plenty and here I’ll be giving you some recommendations. We used a travel agency that we were really happy with and which offered some really unusual and fun tours.

Read here where to find Via Via.

Prambanan and the hidden temples


We took a fantastic tour to see the ruins of the famous Prambanan Temple and some other temples in the area, including Candi Sambisari, my favourite. This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Indonesia and is a must if you are visiting Yogyakarta.

The history behind these amazing ruins is so unique it’s almost unbelievable. This day was one of my favourite days during the entire backpacking trip. You can read about it here.

Jamu Herbs Market

Jamu herbs market

We had a very unusual tour with a local guide through the Jamu herbs market in Yogyakarta, where the locals buy their medicinal remedies. The visit was one of the most interesting market visits I’ve ever done and one where I bought very little – except the excellent ear candles…

You can read more here about Yogyakarta Jamu Herbs Market.

Sunrise at Borobudur

welcome to indonesia

No visit to Yogyakarta is complete without the obligatory sunrise tour to Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, with its magnificent stupas and statues of Buddha.

It’s a bit of an early start, but for the colours in the sky and the wonderful setting, find out here if it is worth getting up in the middle of the night to go there.

Making street food at a street stall

This is not something that you can do everywhere, but in Yogyakarta you can. We went on a brilliant gastronomic street food tour of the city and learnt so much about the weird things that are considered normal as everyday lunch here.

We also had the opportunity to cook street food at a stall and serve it to real customers.

Malioboro Street

malioboro street

Malioboro Street is where it’s all at in Yogyakarta, especially at the weekend. The steamy aromas of street food assault your senses, chatty banter from the market traders makes you smile, and the general hustle and bustle of motorbikes, becaks, tourists and locals make this a place you will want to keep coming back to.

More about Malioboro Street here.


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